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    Feature Showcase Ad Copy
    “Wide base titanium head for maximum surface area”Showcasing the important features of your product in your ad creative can be a way to successfully differentiate yourself from your competitors. Focus on features that may not be immediately visible in images but would be considered important to potential customers. This lets the most important attributes of your product do the selling.
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    Value Proposition Ad
    There are multiple benefits to buying or using your product - are you sure which one is most engaging? With the advent of the various major ad platforms, it's now trivial to A/B test various value propositions for each of your audiences and figure out what works (or doesn't).
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    Analogy Ad Copy
    Using an analogy might be a good way to position your business to people who don't know you. People know ubiquitous businesses like Uber and AirBnB. Tying yourself to a prominent business with an analogy - Uber for X, AirBnB for X, etc… - can help people immediately understand what you do. Rather than being confused by your ad, they’ll get the point instantly and know if it’s right for them.Example:“The Rolls Royce of razors”
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    Quality Ad Copy
    “Highest quality razor on the market”Comparing the quality of your service against the alternatives can be a good way to position your product. Whether comparing on price, customer service, ease of use, or quality, a favorable comparison against your competition can drive customers to buy from you instead. A great way to do this is to target alternatives to your service based on their negative customer feedback i.e. 'tired of lousy service?'.
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