Meet the Ladder Team

We're the growth experts that are removing the guesswork from growing your business.

  • CEO and co-founder of Ladder. A serial entrepreneur and a former professional poker player with two exits behind him (Velocity Chess and FullGlass). Focused on building the world’s largest data set for performance marketing to remove the guesswork from growth.
  • Technical marketer with $25m spent across channels. Experienced an AdTech exit to Adobe, acquired 1m emails at Travelzoo, survived 2 Google algorithm updates at ShopStyle, and scaled paid ads 30x at Sumo.
  • Experienced T-Shaped Growth Marketer, ex-Googler and Google Marketing Expert. Helped many companies to grow and scale their marketing activities.
  • Experienced T-Shaped marketer with a focus on analytics and technical marketing. B2B oriented. Focused on leading and growing the Ladder Poland office. 
  • An entrepreneur with a commercial finance attitude. Forged in the corporate world (FTSE 250) and no stranger to start ups, he has helped many companies to massively grow and scale through strategic finance transformation.
  • I know the latest tricks, the best ad formats, the most effective methods of campaign optimization and account management. In my career I've spent a few MM $ and I've been able to immerse myself in most of the elements that make up the T-shaped Marketer. On a daily basis, I manage clients' projects and a team of several people, helping Fortune 500 companies (eg, Nestle) and startups (eg Monzo Bank, Inadash, Nightset, Swanky Smiles).
  • Matt’s our resident master in the art (and science) of digital storytelling. He has a deep, bordering on unhealthy, interest in why people do what they do - which he weaponizes to connect brands with their customers through impactful creative campaigns.
  • With 10 years of marketing experience in both in-house and agency roles, Mike Rozelle leads new business strategy from Austin, Texas. He’s also a digital marketing instructor with General Assembly. He’s an avid triathlete, a new father and can’t be trusted with the 1-click buy feature on Amazon when it comes to books.
  • A northerner currently south of the wall in the London office, and a graduate of Business Management specialising in digital marketing. Andrew has previously worked extensively in healthcare analytics, and is now pooling his knowledge to help brands reach target audiences and drive growth through strategy.
  • Pretty cool guy. Would recommend you grab pints with him.
  • Helpful Hannah (her Slack nickname) describes just one part of her skillset. A true team player with great technical abilities. Things like reporting, tracking, optimization and data analysis excites her as much as afternoon karaoke events. A must-have in your marketing team!    
  • Lawyer turned marketer - that's how he believe he can create more value to people. Always strategizing - always shooting straight. Never splitting the difference in quality matters. Strongly believes, that with each and every business world becomes a better place. Potential for life-long learner.