Meet the Ladder Team

We're the growth experts that are removing the guesswork from growing your business.

  • CEO and co-founder of Ladder. A serial entrepreneur and a former professional poker player with two exits behind him (Velocity Chess and FullGlass). Focused on building the world’s largest data set for performance marketing to remove the guesswork from growth.
  • Technical marketer with $25m spent across channels. Experienced an AdTech exit to Adobe, acquired 1m emails at Travelzoo, survived 2 Google algorithm updates at ShopStyle, and scaled paid ads 30x at Sumo.
  • Software Engineer with over 7 years of experience in web development. Loves JavaScript on both frontend and backend. Has experience in scaling web applications to hundreds of thousands of users. Joined Ladder in 2015 to start powering company with robust tech.
  • Ed combines a deep understanding of technical marketing with a clear vision of full-funnel growth strategy to transform growth solutions into repeatable system processes. This is particularly key for Ladder's proprietary growth tactic recommendation engine, as well as team training, strategy oversight, and tech-infused creativity.
  • Experienced T-Shaped Growth Marketer, ex-Googler and Google Marketing Expert. Helped many companies to grow and scale their marketing activities.
  • Experienced T-Shaped marketer with a focus on analytics and technical marketing. B2B oriented. Focused on leading and growing the Ladder Poland office. 
  • I draw from my vast knowledge across all business domains (marketing, sales, operations, talent and finance) to help brands identify and prioritize actionable growth strategies.I'm able to quickly discover unrealized growth opportunities. I turn data into tactics based on lean and agile frameworks that drive fast deployments, rapid insights and scalable growth cycles. 
  • Developer and a mentor. Passionate about Javascript and everything that compiles into it. Trains and creates workshops for fresh and not-so-fresh developers. Actively working on developing and perfecting the Ladder Planner.
  • Introduced to the wonderful world of Photoshop at the age of 12, she has now moved on from “designing” celebrity wallpapers to creating conversion optimised landing pages and eye-catching ad creative. When away from her computer, Anna spends her time dragging friends to art exhibitions and planning her dream around the world trip.
  • Growth Marketing Strategist at Ladder, focusing on clients in the cryptocurrency space and beyond.
  • After 6 years focussing on organic channels such as PR, SEO and CRO - Alexa has extended her remit to the world of paid media at Ladder. After experience mainly with larger enterprise companies she is relishing the experience to growth start ups!
  • Growth Marketer interested in conversion rate optimization, UI/UX, web development, analytics and always finding new tools to achieve more rapid growth.
  • Growth Marketer specialized in data-driven marketing strategy. Dedicated to finding correlations, testing causality and optimizing the causal factor.
  • With 10 years of marketing experience in both in-house and agency roles, Mike Rozelle leads new business strategy from Austin, Texas. He’s also a digital marketing instructor with General Assembly. He’s an avid triathlete, a new father and can’t be trusted with the 1-click buy feature on Amazon when it comes to books.
  • A northerner currently south of the wall in the London office, and a graduate of Business Management specialising in digital marketing. Andrew has previously worked extensively in healthcare analytics, and is now pooling his knowledge to help brands reach target audiences and drive growth through strategy.
  • Alex has over 7 years of professional experience across corporate strategy, enterprise sales and digital marketing in Sydney, Australia. Throughout his professional journey, Alex discovered his passion for digital marketing and start-ups and is excited to continue this journey with Ladder!
  • Experienced in fueling growth in fast-paced environments, Kacper is skilled in a variety of areas and always learning something new. Passionate about building and scaling profitable acquisition channels. He's worked with big companies and bootstrapped startups alike, bringing a blend of creative marketing strategy and analytics/optimization to the table.
  • In love with psychology, marketing and analytics. Focused on Performance Marketing and Mobile Growth.
  • Determined to understand users behavior through data. Obsessed with product simplicity, finding product design leaks as well as growth levers.  
  • Digital Marketing Strategist with over 11 years of marketing experience with high-growth startups, eCommerce, and hospitality/real estate brands.  She’s ROI-focused, passionate about startups, and loves getting the Dartmouth Silicon Alley community together for events as Marketing Chair of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network.
  • Growth marketer and a business psychologist with over 3 years experience in the marketing industry. Focused on Performance Marketing and applying Psychological knowledge about people behavior for better user understanding through the data.
  • Software developer working on a backend side of the Ladder Planner. He takes care of new features and integration of the most useful marketing APIs around - like most Google APIs, Facebook Ads, Spyfu, Semrush, Similarweb, next coming soon ;)
  • Chelsey is an experienced marketing strategist. Her passion is helping businesses find missed opportunities for growth and solving them by implementing digital growth strategies. Using data, Chelsey takes the guesswork out of creating marketing strategies for growing businesses looking to increase their bottom line and see huge returns on their marketing investments. 
  • To create a great business, you need to connect the passion between the team to the brand narrative. That's where I step in. At the core of what I do, I love to work with teams; knowing that together we can achieve much more than any of us individually. Bridging the gap between management and marketing, creating a clear distinct voice and tracking data to efficiently and effectively sell that brand. I'm a Digital Marketing expert helping businesses scale through Facebook Advertising, project management, sales funnels, and marketing automation.
  • Growth hacker and marketer, inspired by digital and web analytics and data science. Fast learning, ambitious and follower of analysis and reporting of data. Always looking for correlations and connections in our big data environment. Also doing build stuff across all marketing channels.
  • Ladder’s first and only software QA tester. Piotr created the first automated tests for the Ladder Planner. He’s passionate about the Internet and runs his own website, where he collects useful and original websites. In his spare time, you’ll find him playing football (soccer) every weekend.