Meet the Ladder Team

We're the growth experts that are removing the guesswork from growing your business.

  • CEO and co-founder of Ladder. A serial entrepreneur and a former professional poker player with two exits behind him (Velocity Chess and FullGlass). Focused on building the world’s largest data set for performance marketing to remove the guesswork from growth.
  • Technical marketer with $25m spent across channels. Experienced an AdTech exit to Adobe, acquired 1m emails at Travelzoo, survived 2 Google algorithm updates at ShopStyle, and scaled paid ads 30x at Sumo.
  • Software Engineer with over 7 years of experience in web development. Loves JavaScript on both frontend and backend. Has experience in scaling web applications to hundreds of thousands of users. Joined Ladder in 2015 to start powering company with robust tech.
  • Experienced T-Shaped Growth Marketer, ex-Googler and Google Marketing Expert. Helped many companies to grow and scale their marketing activities.
  • Known as the B2Beast around the office, Jon has been growing since birth. As one of Ladder's first hires, he's focused his growth energy on a leading a team of strategists tackling a portfolio of clients across industries.
  • Ed combines a deep understanding of technical marketing with a clear vision of full-funnel growth strategy to transform growth solutions into repeatable system processes. This is particularly key for Ladder's proprietary growth tactic recommendation engine, as well as team training, strategy oversight, and tech-infused creativity.
  • Experienced T-Shaped marketer with a focus on analytics and technical marketing. B2B oriented. Focused on leading and growing the Ladder Poland office. 
  • Developer and a mentor. Passionate about Javascript and everything that compiles into it. Trains and creates workshops for fresh and not-so-fresh developers. Actively working on developing and perfecting the Ladder Planner.
  • Ladder’s first and only software QA tester. Piotr created the first automated tests for the Ladder Planner. He’s passionate about the Internet and runs his own website, where he collects useful and original websites. In his spare time, you’ll find him playing football (soccer) every weekend.
  • Canadian living in the UK with a great passion for marketing. Starting off on the creative side, she’s made jump from traditional advertising to digital marketing. Working on clients from high end fashion designers to SaaS businesses to international automotive brands, she accepts the challenge of growing any type of company.
  • Introduced to the wonderful world of Photoshop at the age of 12, she has now moved on from “designing” celebrity wallpapers to creating conversion optimised landing pages and eye-catching ad creative. When away from her computer, Anna spends her time dragging friends to art exhibitions and planning her dream around the world trip.
  • Growth Marketing Strategist at Ladder, focusing on clients in the cryptocurrency space and beyond.
  • Malaika Nicholas is Ladder’s Content Marketing Strategist. She’s your new go-to source for tips & strategies about social media, content, and SEO. Follow her on Twitter: @Asa_Lama_Laika
  • Rob has extensive experience in using the Scientific Method throughout his Psychology Degree and as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Neuroscience. This understanding of data-driven experimentation aligns perfectly with Growth Marketing and Rob is keen to utilise his vast knowledge of Consumer Psychology to help businesses grow!
  • A northerner currently south of the wall in the London office, and a graduate of Business Management specialising in digital marketing. Andrew has previously worked extensively in healthcare analytics, and is now pooling his knowledge to help brands reach target audiences and drive growth through strategy.
  • Growth Marketer interested in conversion rate optimization, UI/UX, web development, analytics and always finding new tools to achieve more rapid growth.
  • In love with psychology, marketing and analytics. Focused on Performance Marketing and Mobile Growth.
  • Growth Marketer specialized in data-driven marketing strategy. Dedicated to finding correlations, testing causality and optimizing the causal factor.
  • Marketer who loves the strategic side as much as the creative. Graduate of Innovation Economics, previously doing marketing for a number of Nordic start-ups. I’m Indonesian-Swedish and spend my weekends cooking complicated food (or blogging about it).