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  • retention
    Priority Customer Support
    Providing premium product support to your best customers keeps them happy and have them raving about your product. Investing the extra support effort for high value customers keeps them engaged with your product, reduces frustration, prevents churn, and can lead to positive feedback and new client referrals.
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  • conversion
    Offer Free Consulting
    Offer consulting for free along with a purchase of your product. It will let you get to know your target audience directly with face-to-face conversations, helps increase conversion, and will help you learn about what your audience needs and what challenges they face. Those learnings will help improve your product and marketing approach in the future.
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  • retention
    All-Hands On Deck Support
    Rather than a dedicated account manager that can cause bottlenecks, have dynamic routing so that anyone from the team can provide support depending on what you need.
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  • conversion
    Full Service Migration
    Ease the onboarding process by offering to migrate everything over to your product from a new customer's existing workflow. Make your customer's life easier and make their transition to your product seamless. This will ensure they can use your product immediately and reach the activation moment sooner.
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  • conversion
    Facebook Messenger Live Chat
    Chat with your website visitors via Facebook Messenger. The advantage of using Facebook messenger is that the vast majority of internet users already have a Facebook account - no need to log in or interrupt their workflow. Additionally the open rates on Facebook messages tend to be in the high 90s.
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