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    Inspirational Quotes In Slideshare
    Slideshare is a powerful platform for sharing content to a wide audience. However, it can be difficult to craft a presentation that will stand out. Keep audiences engaged by incorporating inspirational quotes throughout your presentation. And then to squeeze more value from this tactic, reach out directly to the person you quoted and ask them to share the Slideshare presentation. This can help widen distribution and forge relationships with relevant thought leaders.Examples:“Growth Hackers rule the world.” - Stacy Growthington“Dreams are achieved one step at a time. Keep moving forward.” - Steve Motivator“Unlock your full potential through determination and grit.” - Tory Gritsgood
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    SlideShare Summary
    Slideshare's easy-to-digest format can increase shares and engagement of a long-form post. AND it's particularly effective for B2B: "SlideShare has up to 5 times more traffic from business owners than Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn...[AND] It gets plenty of organic traffic on its own because of its high authority (top 150+ sites in the world) on search and the nature of the content is highly shareable."
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    Quote Influencers In SlideShare
    When writing content for your SlideShare deck, insert relevant and informative quotes from influencers in the field. Then, once the SlideShare presentation is posted, notify the influencers that you’ve included their writing, link to the post, and give a quick word of thanks. This incentivizes them to share your SlideShare content with their social media audience.
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    Slideshare End CTA
    Inserting CTA slides at the end of a Slideshare presentation will help leverage/direct Slideshare traffic. This can be particularly useful for B2B leads: "SlideShare has up to 5 times more traffic from business owners than Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn!"
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    Recycle Content As SlideShare
    Your long-form pieces of content don’t have to just sit on your blog - they can also be converted into shareable and easily digestible SlideShare presentations. Summarize the main points of your long-form writing and use the most salient parts to create a slide deck. This gives different content consumer types different options when engaging with your content.
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