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  • retention
    Webinar For Customers
    Webinars can be a wonderful +1 for paying customers, but they can also be used as a content marketing tool to attract new customers. Webinars offer an intimate experience with potential customers that generates trust and newfound knowledge. Position your webinar around a relevant topic and don’t mention your product until the closing. A rule of thumb is to spend around 45 minutes educating and 10-15 minutes pitching your product. (Hint: to further push the value of your webinar, distill the insights into a blog post to be published afterwards.)
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  • conversion
    Full Service Migration
    Ease the onboarding process by offering to migrate everything over to your product from a new customer's existing workflow. Make your customer's life easier and make their transition to your product seamless. This will ensure they can use your product immediately and reach the activation moment sooner.
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