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    Create A Subreddit /R/
    Subreddits can be useful forums for the promotion of a brand or idea. It's important to have a clear message and allow healthy and open feedback from users. This can be a great place to promote competitions and content (articles, blogs etc.) as well as announcements and human AMAs Moderation of topics and discussion is expected, but only to kill too much spam or trolling, too much can backfire. 
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    Submit To SubReddit
    Submitting to a relevant sub reddit can drive highly-qualified visitors. Just with a few cursory searches on reddit you can find a number of niche communities that would be very interested in your product. Make sure not to be too 'pushy' or 'salesy' however - the reddit community can be notoriously anti-commercial and will react negatively to any product and message that isn't genuine.
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    Sponsored Reddit Post
    Paying for sponsored text or link posts can drive engaged traffic from niche audiences within Subreddit communities (there are over 800,000 to choose from). This hyper-targeted approach can breed a great number of qualified leads. (Tip: make sure you have a solid understand of Reddiquette before posting.)
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    Direct Private Messages
    When trying to reach specific individuals who have indicated that they need something similar to your product, try reaching out to them in direct private messages on social networks or aggregators like Reddit. They’ve already expressed an interest and informing them of your product is a great way to introduce yourself and let them know it exists. As you see people talking about the needs your product covers, send them a quick personal introductory note.
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    Topic Comment
    Comment on a relevant topic to your niche on Reddit, Quora or other forums. These platforms already have a large audience looking to solve exactly the problem you solve, which you can tap into. This tactic is hard to scale, but can be the perfect way to get super-qualified users early on in your product's life.
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    Host An AMA
    “Ask Me Anything” sessions, also known as AMAs, have become popular ways to reach and connect with wide audiences by answering their questions directly. Host an AMA to talk about the way you built your business, how you got to where you are today, and what best practices and mistakes guided you along the way. It’s an effective way to build rapport with your audience and reach people who may not have heard of your business.
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