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  • traffic
    Bid Optimization Target
    Depending on which networks your campaign is targeting, consider optimizing your Google AdWords bids to focus on increasing the overall number of clicks, conversions, views, or impressions your ads receive. For instance, if you want to generate more traffic to your website, focusing on Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding. Likewise, to increase views or interactions with your ads, you can use cost-per-view (CPV) bidding.
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  • conversion
    Keywords In URL Path
    Adwords allows you to edit the display url with two /path fields. Using keywords that relate to the adgroup and search intent can increase CTR & quality score.i.e.
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  • traffic
    Negative Keywords
    Adding negative keywords to your AdWords / Bing campaigns can help you get higher quality clicks for your spend. If you look at Dimensions in AdWords you can see exactly which search terms landed you clicks and conversions. Finding that a keyword like "B2B marketing plan template" lands you a lot of clicks but no conversions, for example, might be a strong sign that you should add that keyword as a negative so your ads don't appear on that keyword. This can save you a ton of budget for higher quality clicks.
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  • traffic
    Distributor Interest Audience
    This tactic focuses on targeting an audiences that is a fan of a distributor and will likely be interested in your product or service. Selling makeup products? Target fans of Sephora or Mac. Selling books? Target fans of Barnes & Noble. You get the idea!
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  • traffic
    Copy Best Adwords Ads For Meta Title / Description
    Leverage your paid ads to test best versions and roll out on organic. You gather a lot of data from the performance of your ads - how well they do with your audience, how many leads they generate, etc… That data can be used to advance your SEO efforts, since you already know what works best from your ads.
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  • traffic
    Find Keywords Through Competitors
    This should be first stop when you’re doing keyword research. What keywords are your competitors ranking for / trying to rank for? What keywords are they advertising on? This research will help you determine which keywords you should be targeting with your ads, copy, and content efforts.
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  • traffic
    Find Keywords With Google Correlate
    Input primary keywords to find long-tail keyword ideas using Google Correlate. Google Correlate finds patterns and correlations related to search queries using real-world data. (Tip: enter your own data for more powerful functionality.)
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  • traffic
    LinkedIn Lead Ads
    LinkedIn recently introduced a new Lead Gen Forms system where you can run lead ads similar to Facebook. "Lead Gen Forms make it easy to collect leads from the nearly 500 million professionals, influencers, and business decision-makers who use LinkedIn. When members click on one of your ads, their LinkedIn profile information automatically populates an in-app form that they can submit instantly -- without having to type in their info by hand." - LinkedIn
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  • traffic
    Book Table Of Contents Keywords
    Developing a successful SEO strategy is all about your keywords. Where to find these keywords? Find the most popular books on your topic in Amazon and open up the Table of Contents. Type the name of each chapter into Google Keyword Planner and you'll be surprised to find some really great ones (e.g. "Grocery shopping for the Paleo Diet") hiding in plain site!
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  • traffic
    "Central Commercial Areas" Targeting
    You can target central commercial areas (places with high business presences i.e. restaurants, offices, malls, etc...) to quickly segment high traffic areas of a specific geography. This lets you exclusively target tightly packed, narrow geographies that might be more relevant audiences for your ads.
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