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  • retention
    Mobile Optimized Card Page
    Involuntary churn occurs when customers are lost due to failed payment attempts, often the result of an expired credit card. Avoid this by optimizing your Credit Card Update page for mobile. This means your customers should simply need to click on a link, fill out a form and move on, without any login requirements or unnecessary navigation or copy. The more hurdles you put in front of them, the less likely they are to update.
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  • retention
    'At Risk' Tagging
    Start with data analysis on what leads to churn on your platform. Once done, automatically tag users ‘at risk’ of churning and target them with increased customer support, incentives, etc... By getting ahead of the problems that a user at risk of churning is experiencing, you’ll be more likely to retain them and alleviate their issues with your service.
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  • retention
    Dedicated Payments Page
    Make sure the payments page is standalone so that any changes to the code of the navigation or page template etc won't affect the styling / functionality of the payments page (customers are highly sensitive when visiting this page and anything out of line can hurt retention).
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  • retention
    Delay Card Error Email
    Wait five days to email customer after card fails. Issue might not actually exist as it could just be an error on your side. Try running transaction again a few times over a few days before actually emailing (as email can create support issues or churn).
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  • retention
    Eliminate Free Trials
    Get rid of your no credit card free trial and replace it with an upfront payment to access the content/app or require a credit card to start limited free trial. This will target only qualified and driven users to signup. It can increase monthly paid customer onboarding.
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