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    Find Email Partners
    You read a lot of newsletters in your field and follow a lot of blogs that promote best practices and news in your industry. You could reach out to those newsletters with an offer to promote their product to your list in exchange for a promotion of your product to theirs. This mutual exchange of sponsorship is a free and low effort way to increase your reach.
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    Cross-Promote Apps
    An exchange of promotion with another app - you promote their app to your users, and vice versa - is a cheap, mutually beneficial way to reach a new and relevant audience for your app. Small or large, your user base is valuable, so reach out to complementary apps to build cross-promotion partnerships. For example, if you have a job search app, a money management app’s audience could be highly useful for your user growth, and your audience of job seekers likely need money management advice as well.
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  • conversion
    Partners Social Proof
    Listing all the tools you integrate or partner with on your site is an easy way to show social proof for your product. If your platform works with major and highly known products, including them in an integrations section on your landing page will help your product gain credibility. Further, showing you’re integrated with major players in the industry helps display the value and ease of use of your product.
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    BuzzFeed Community Feature
    BuzzFeed is visited over 150 million times a month and having a piece of content as a Community Feature can drive huge levels of engagement. The odds are stacked against you, but by following best practices you can increase your chances. Use the following links to put your best foot forward. (Note: you can only suggest content for a Community Feature once every 24 hours.)
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