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  • traffic
    Optimize Search Position
    The vast majority of SEO traffic comes from links in the top 3 positions in any given search results page. If you can crack the top 3 by optimizing anything in position 4-5, you'll see a big boost in traffic. This works regardless of whether you’re on page 1 or page 3, so even if you can’t crack the top 10 for a search, put in a bit of effort to make sure you’re top of the specific page you’re ranking on.
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  • conversion
    Remove Promo Code On Product Page
    If you have a promo code on your product page, try A/B testing removing the code entirely to see whether it actually increases conversion. If it doesn't do anything for your conversion rate, you might be losing revenue on the sales you're already getting. If it is, you'll know to double down on promo codes.
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  • traffic
    Category Exclusion
    Exclude certain categories from showing your ads (e.g. don't show your ads on crime related sites).
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  • conversion
    Instagram Profile Link Optimization
    Optimize your Instagram profile (name, description, link) with CTA and strong copy, directing viewers toward designated link. *And use a link shortener
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  • traffic
    Placement Exclusion
    Remove a placement that hasn't performed for you historically on the GDN.
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  • conversion
    Eliminate Landing Page Links
    Too many links that navigate away from your landing page can result in the splitting and distraction of a user’s actions. Try removing most or all outbound links from your landing page to increase conversion by having users focus exclusively on your primary CTA. This will target user attention on what you want them to look at - your convincing landing page copy and imagery - and prevent them from bouncing too early.
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  • traffic
    Time Of Day Exclusion
    Remove certain times of day if they perform worse for you. This is a great way to figure out where you might be spending a lot of money on ads but not getting any return on that investment. For example, you might find that early morning hours result in very few conversions or significantly lower conversion rates, but equal or even higher spend and clicks. This will enable you to optimize spend on times of day that do in fact drive positive ROI.
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  • conversion
    Product Page Buy Button Prominence
    Try testing a more prominent buy button on your product pages. Try a brighter, more catchy color, or try increasing the size of the button. A/B test the new button against your old one to see if the change results in a performance increase.
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  • retention
    App Performance
    After launching your app, focus on quick turnaround on bug fixes, increasing transition speeds and smoothness, decreasing app crash rates, and focusing on end to end stability and speed optimization. This will ensure that you get high app store ratings from happy users and that you won’t lose users who find your app frustrating and difficult to use.
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  • traffic
    Budget/Spend Optimization
    Redirect spend to that which is performing best. If you have 3 campaign running, all of which are bringing in leads, but one has a much higher ROI, divert budget to champion campaign to maximize ROI.
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  • traffic
    Survey-Informed Landing Page
    Use surveys of your current customers to determine what your landing page copy should be. Ask customers what words and phrases they would use to describe your product. You can either adapt the answers into your own versions or directly insert them as social proof quotes in your landing page.
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