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  • conversion
    Free Trial Ended Email
    When a user finishes their free trial of your product, they should be prompted to switch to a paid subscription. This is a huge opportunity to onboard paying customers and the completion of the free trial should trigger an automated email. In the email, make it easy for users to start paying. Make the experience of upgrading to a paid subscription seamless. Send them directly to a page where they can input their credit card information and continue enjoying your product. (Tip: this is also a valuable time to collect feedback.)
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  • traffic
    Email Winner Referral
    Emailing a subset of your top users to inform them they’ve won some form of competition can drive referral behavior. Create some sort of competition among your users, such as a rating of the highest level of activity or the most shared content and send out an email letting them know about their success. This can be made into a weekly or monthly email that includes sharing functions and a referral link encouraging top users to invite their friends.
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  • conversion
    Discount Welcome Email
    When someone signs up for your email list, offering them a discount in your welcome email can inspire them to make a purchase immediately. Offer a % off coupon code for signing up to capture emails and include it in your automated welcome email. This will drive interested customers to return to your site and browse your products, eventually convincing a portion of them to make a purchase with the coupon.
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  • conversion
    ESP Landing Page
    Your Email Service Provider (ESP) often provides a signup page for your email list. Rather than investing the resource to build a whole landing page on your own, why not just use their mechanism first? That way with a simple hyperlink you can test whether people actually want to sign up to a list before you commit too much resource to it.
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  • retention
    Founder Welcome Email
    In general, welcome emails result in 320% more revenue per email than normal bulk marketing emails. Make sure to get the most out of this first email by asking for feedback with an open-ended question from a founder. This will both let your new subscriber know you care enough to engage with them one on one and also allow you to discover if and how your product or service fits the subscriber’s need, increasing the potential of starting the sales cycle.
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  • traffic
    Send Email By Time Zone
    When you send emails at "3pm" you aren't really hitting your users at that time - for some people on earlier timezones it's early morning, and late evening for others. Using something like Mailchimp's Timewarp or Intercom's advanced timezone feature, you can make sure it hits them at the right time.
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  • traffic
    Email Referral Prompt
    Write an email asking your customers for a friend referral. A study by Goethe University Frankfurt and University of Pennsylvania found that referred customers had 25% higher profit margins and were 18% less likely to leave the company. Successful referral programs not only give you more customers, they also give you better customers.
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  • conversion
    Email On Different Day Of The Week
    This tactic is all about experimentation and tracking customer engagement. Try changing the days of the week your automated emails are sent out and test to see if you email list engagement increases. For example, an email sent out on Tuesday may be opened by a greater percentage of your email list on a Thursday. Same email. Different day. Try it out. (Note: do not alter the email content or subject line because that will pollute your data.)
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