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  • traffic
    Layered Lookalike (Onion Test)
    Match your current customer email list to facebook and establish a lookalike audience to expand audience based off current customers. By creating a layered lookalike test, we can see where performance drops and expand our audience. i.e. create 1% lookalike, create 2% lookalike (exclude 1%), create 3% lookalike (exclude 1% & 2%).
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  • traffic
    Lookalike W/ Interest Overlay
    Using Lookalike Audiences in Facebook advertising can be a useful way to target leads that are similar to customers you care about. Generate the lookalike audiences based on people who like your page or those that visit your site. Further effectiveness by narrowing down the audience to individuals with the same interests.
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  • traffic
    Update Email List Lookalike Audience
    Unlike website lookalike audiences, a lookalike built from an import email list is not updated in real time. So, creating a new lookalike audience based on a newly expanded email list can clarify your audience AND keep your targeting updated.
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