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  • traffic
    Free Trial Vs Demo Landing Page
    Offering a free trial of your product can be a smoother entry and more enticing offer than scheduling a demo. Try offering a free trial, and guiding those users into a paid account.
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  • traffic
    App Landing Page
    Creating a landing page for your app is crucial to its success. Use this page to build hype and showcase your app's awesome features before its launch. The landing page can also serve as a means of gathering invaluable feedback from beta testers. As the app's launch approaches, use this page to continue teasing out more details, and finally, to keep up the excitement once the app is launched.
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  • conversion
    Widget Landing Page
    The awesome and useful widget you created deserves its own landing page. Treat your widget as a viral marketing campaign and craft a dedicated landing page to promote it. This will allow for you to send paid traffic to the widget directly. (Tip: use your site's root URL so that the SEO benefits impact your website.)
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  • conversion
    Benefit Focused Landing Page
    Your landing page offer should be appealing to your visitors. If the benefits of your product or service isn't totally clear, try adding explaining the outcomes or results customers should expect. 
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  • conversion
    Beginner's Guide Landing Page
    Landing a potential customer on a "beginner's" guide content piece may be a less forceful but ultimately more profitable way to improve conversion. Instead of visitors navigating your general website, you can require them to go to a beginner's guide landing page to direct them exactly where you want them to go by removing navigation elements
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  • conversion
    Match Landing Page Messaging To Ad Copy
    Make sure your landing page's copy/messaging matches the copy/messaging used in the ad that directed visitors there. Consistent & synchronised messaging reassures visitors, increases conversion rate, AND increase the quality/relevance score of your ads.
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  • conversion
    Longer Landing Page
    A longer, more scrollable landing page might end up giving visitors more of a reason to convert. Short landing pages give less information by design, so a longer page will let you better space out and elaborate on your product copy. Test a longer landing page against a shorter one to see which works best.
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  • conversion
    Revamp Landing Page(s) Completely
    Incremental changes are not always the answer. Quit screwing around with the color of buttons, and determine if your landing page needs a complete overhaul. Heed inspiration from your favorite sites and take an empathetic approach to landing page design. We love the functionality of Unbounce.
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  • traffic
    Video-Centric Landing Page
    Incorporating / adjusting a landing page's design to showcase a video (~1 minute at most) can increase conversion with minimal content. This approach maintains focus on two elements: the video itself and the form submission. No other information or copy gets in the way of your visitors and the CTA.
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