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  • conversion
    Geo-Targeted Testimonials
    When displaying testimonials, it’s important to match which ones you show with the country or geography the site visitor is browsing from. It’s more impactful to show testimonials from Spanish companies or individuals to a visitor from Spain than ones from Americans. They’re more likely to recognize the brands you show and will therefore put more trust in you.
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  • traffic
    Translate Other's Content
    Suffering from writer’s block or simply feel your content is getting stale? Find interesting content in another language and translate it to English. Put it on your site, and ask the original author to link to it. Not only will you have new content to share but more backlinks to your site as well, which will help boost your page’s SEO!
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  • conversion
    Internationalize Your Page
    To better serve a more international audience, try localizing your page based on the location of your visitors. This will help you tap into an audience that may not read your native language but would be interested in your products or services. It’s a smart way to expand your customer base geographically and reach new markets.
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  • conversion
    Country Currency
    Try showing dominant currency for a region by country TLD (eg. show Euros on by default. This small bit of localization makes a big difference when an international audience is interested in your products as it removes currency conversion friction from the process and prevents visitors from thinking you don’t ship to or serve customers in their country.
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