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    Geographical Beta Expansion
    If your app is highly popular in one country and you want to expand to other parts of the globe, a country- or geography-specific beta can help you reach a new set of users. This lets you test your app in a foreign market, make adjustments based on beta feedback to better cater to that audience, and refine your marketing pitch outside your native geography.
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    Narrow Geography Targeting
    Targeting an audience at a more local level can help you better target your audience and avoid serving ads to businesses or consumers that you’re not trying to reach. Especially if your business is a retail store with locations in specific geographies or if you want to focus an ad campaign on audiences in specific states or countries, narrowing your ad’s geographic reach will focus your ad spending on the most relevant audiences.
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    Geography Expansion Targeting
    You should consider targeting people outside of the US/CA or traditional markets. The UK, Australia and New Zealand have largely similar income levels and behavior as the US. If you're able to hire a translator, France, Germany and other European countries can be very valuable market extensions. Many other countries like Israel, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore have significant English speaking, wealthy demographics.
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    "Central Commercial Areas" Targeting
    You can target central commercial areas (places with high business presences i.e. restaurants, offices, malls, etc...) to quickly segment high traffic areas of a specific geography. This lets you exclusively target tightly packed, narrow geographies that might be more relevant audiences for your ads.
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