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  • conversion
    Center CTA Landing Page
    Putting a large call to action button in the center of your page can increase activation. The positioning will immediately draw attention to the CTA when someone lands on your page. Make sure the CTA stands out distinctly away from dense copy or complex images.
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  • conversion
    Page Layout
    Try changing the layout of your landing page to improve conversion. If you find that your current landing page is underperforming, change the way you place images, copy, and sections on the page to see how it will perform. Use A/B testing tools like Optimizely to see how well (or poorly) the changes perform and tweak as necessary until you come up with a highly converting site.
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  • conversion
    Left Side CTA Landing Page
    Try placing your call to action on the left side of the landing page to increase activation. This will keep the CTA above the fold for all screen sizes and catch the attention of visitors. It makes the CTA more prominent and easily accessible, potentially resulting in a higher likelihood of conversion.
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  • conversion
    Right Side CTA Landing Page
    Place your call to action form or button on the right side of your landing page to increase activation. Focusing on the right side of your landing page rather than the center, especially when the form remains visible while scrolling down the page, keeps registration forms and CTA buttons above the fold and easily accessible for visitors. This reduces friction between reading your marketing copy and signing up for a demo or free account.
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