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  • retention
    Customer Re-Engagement
    Send an email or series of emails to win back customers who haven't purchased in a specific timeframe. Offer discounts, promotions, or exclusive products to draw them back to your site. Use this to increase LTV by getting more customers to make repeat purchases.
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  • retention
    Post-Purchase Follow-Up: Specific Product
    Send an email or series of emails when a customer purchases a specific product. Personalize your emails knowing the specific product this customer - and segment - is interested in.Increase repeat purchase rates and LTV by maximizing engagement from customers who recently purchased from you.
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  • traffic
    "Fake" Supply
    If you're starting a marketplace, you need to fill your supply side. But chances are, you're not able to immediately get tons of suppliers on board. That's ok! A good way to validate supply is to "fake" it. This doesn't mean not having actual supply, but creating that supply yourself. So if you're creating a marketplace for outdoor and hiking gear, renting or buying up some small inventory can be a good proxy for actual suppliers, both to have activity on your marketplace and to entice new suppliers to get on board.
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  • conversion
    Checkout Page Redesign
    If funnel analysis shows that a majority of users are dropping at the checkout stage, a re-design of the UX/UI of the page might be in order. Take into account the important information and how the layout can be re-arranged to promote simplicity and easy conversion. Some places where this can be tested is through CTAs promoting next steps, overhauling form boxes, and minimizing how much information is needed to successfully complete an order.
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  • retention
    Best Customers Email
    Improve your retention and LTV by sending an email or series of emails to acknowledge and reward your best customers. Bonus: include a "special" offer to reward them.
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  • retention
    Post-Purchase Follow-Up: Category
    Send an email or series of emails when a customer purchases a product from a specific category. Personalize your emails knowing which product category - and segment - these customers belong to. Get customers to purchase more of the products they're interested while your brand is still fresh in their mind.
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  • traffic
    Remove Low Performing Product Pages
    If you have hundreds or thousands of product pages that aren't getting much traffic and sales, you're using up your 'crawl budget' and this could be hurting your SEO. Remove them and you should see a boost.
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