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    Day Of Week Exclusion
    Believe it or not, chances are the performance of your ad could be affected by the days it is displayed. Consider removing certain days of week to determine if they perform better for your company than others.  
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    Gender Focused Ad Copy
    Products and offers are commonly advertised differently to different genders. Your copy should reflect this fact. Use gender targeting and create gender focused copy (and creative) to better engage with potential customers. However, be very cognizant that you are not perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes - which could lead to a PR disaster. Examples:“A rugged, strong truck for game day tailgates. You need this, dude.”“The perfect romance novel for when he falls asleep in his man cave.”
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    Time Of Day Exclusion
    Remove certain times of day if they perform worse for you. This is a great way to figure out where you might be spending a lot of money on ads but not getting any return on that investment. For example, you might find that early morning hours result in very few conversions or significantly lower conversion rates, but equal or even higher spend and clicks. This will enable you to optimize spend on times of day that do in fact drive positive ROI.
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