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  • conversion
    App Screenshot Variations (ASO)
    The screenshots you use for your app are the most important part of your app store page. They're the most important factor when a user decides to download your app. Run A/B tests (see "Learn More" below) on images and image order to see what works best. 
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  • traffic
    App Store Keywords & Title Optimization (ASO)
    There are over 2 million apps in the major app stores - your app needs to be properly displayed. Optimizing your keyword set and adding keywords to your title with increase organic installs. The main goal is to rank higher in the app store's search results. (Tip: ASO best practices recommend a description in the app title, not just your brand name.)
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  • conversion
    App Page Description (ASO)
    Optimize your app description to increase app install rate and your app page's conversion rate. Use keyword optimization tactics and high-quality copy, treating your app store page as a landing page of its own. This can increase interest in your app and drive users to install.
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  • conversion
    App Store Preview Video
    Your app needs a preview video. Without a preview video, you significantly limit your chances of getting featured. For inspiration search through a number of competitor's app store pages and see how they approach it - what elements can you borrow? Where can you be different? You should also go back and look at the preview windows for the apps that you use most often or admire most.
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  • conversion
    Combat Negative App Reviews Via App Update (ASO)
    Negative reviews can have a large impact on installs, however the reviews are set to the version of the app. So by updating the app to a new version, the negative reviews will no longer appear on page.
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