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  • traffic
    Negative Keywords
    Adding negative keywords to your AdWords / Bing campaigns can help you get higher quality clicks for your spend. If you look at Dimensions in AdWords you can see exactly which search terms landed you clicks and conversions. Finding that a keyword like "B2B marketing plan template" lands you a lot of clicks but no conversions, for example, might be a strong sign that you should add that keyword as a negative so your ads don't appear on that keyword. This can save you a ton of budget for higher quality clicks.
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    Distributor Interest Audience
    This tactic focuses on targeting an audiences that is a fan of a distributor and will likely be interested in your product or service. Selling makeup products? Target fans of Sephora or Mac. Selling books? Target fans of Barnes & Noble. You get the idea!
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    Expat Audience
    There are 92 million expatriates (aka expats) on Facebook. Engage with this substantial demographic using Facebook's robust targeting. Target expats living in certain countries or originating from a certain country.
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