Unbounce Review: The Landing Page Builder We Love
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Unbounce Review: The Landing Page Builder We Love

Michael RandMichael Rand

July 19, 2021

This is an objective review of Unbounce – from a global growth agency that uses the landing page builder across 200 businesses. We are not affiliates nor were we paid to write this… we just LOVE Unbounce and think you deserve to know why.

Unbounce – A Landing Page Builder & Conversion Platform

Who doesn’t love a good landing page?

They’re crucial to most conversion strategies – from lead gen to eCommerce. Their success is easy to measure, and even tiny tweaks can make a huge difference in their conversion rates (see what is a good conversion rate?). They are the crux of many marketing campaigns.

However, landing page conversion rates vary depending on several factors, including what you’re asking your visitors to do. Asking them to sign up for a newsletter is a pretty low-stakes request compared to asking for a consultation, for example.

Some factors are out of your control, such as your industry. Some industries just have better conversion rates than others. The average landing page conversion rate is 4.02% across industries, but with the right tools, you can build landing pages that have conversion rates over 30%

Designing and optimizing a landing page shouldn’t have to take an inordinate amount of time. Even making small adjustments and tracking conversions effectively can be a pain, especially when you don’t have analytics tools that are accessible and easy to use.

That’s why we fell in love with Unbounce and their landing page builder.

We use it internally and have used it across hundreds of unique businesses.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a Canadian software company, but they are most well-known for their landing page builder. It’s a simple drag-and-drop tool that anyone can use, even if they aren’t a developer or web designer.

In fact, that’s one of their biggest selling points. When you use Unbounce, you don’t need to pay a developer to build great landing pages that generate leads. You can even do A/B testing and embed your own code to create custom landing pages and integrate them with external analytics tools.

unbounce landing page example

(Source: Unbounce)

In addition to the landing page builder, Unbounce users can now also build popups:

unbounce popup builder

(Source: Unbounce)

And sticky bars:

unbounce sticky bar builder

(Source: Unbounce)

In just minutes, you can add additional conversion opportunities to your existing web pages.

Why We Love Unbounce

There are a lot of reasons we love this tool. For one, it’s cost-effective. Even the smallest businesses can afford a basic plan (and it’s super easy to scale with them as an agency).

Here are a few of the other reasons we love Unbounce:

Excellent Customer Support

Unbounce also has one of the best customer support teams we’ve ever encountered. Not only is the team responsive, but it’s powered by humans (real ones!).

You don’t need to pay extra for great support, either. Each plan comes with the same level of live chat, email, and phone support.

*This has been a true defining benefit of using Unbounce. When your an agency working with hundreds of landing pages across a ton of unique businesses…their support team, assistance, troubleshooting, and response time has been phenomenal.

Excellent Landing Page Builder UI

The user interface is so simple that anyone who has played with Microsoft Paint can dive in and start building a landing page.

unbounce landing page builder

(Source: Unbounce)

You may need at a little bit of design skill if you want your landing pages to convert. But even if you don’t, Unbounce provides over 100 landing page templates to help you get started. If you work with a designer, just import your own graphics and images.

The builders for popups and sticky bars are identical to the landing page builder, and they’re just as easy to use:

unbounce landingpage builder UI

(Source: Unbounce)

Just start with a template, then drag and drop images, text, buttons, and form fields where you need them. When your landing page, popup, or sticky bar is complete, you can even run marketing experiments to determine performance drives and easily (and continuously) optimize for better conversion rates.


  • Leverage the dynamic text feature for highly bespoke landing pages at scale
  • “A better (and more relevant) landing page experience is a key factor in improving your AdWords Quality Score, which can lower your cost-per-click and get you better ad placements.”
  • Save resources/costs by testing new page designs in Unbounce before hiring a developer to update your website
  • When building a form confirmation, select ‘open URL as a lightbox’ to include another micro-conversion like an ebook or newsletter subscribe 😉

Integrations with Hundreds of Apps

Unbounce integrates and connects with over a hundred of the most popular marketing apps. You can use it with your entire marketing technology stack, including popular marketing CRMs like HubSpot and email marketing clients like MailChimp.

It’s clear that Unbounce stays up-to-date on all the latest marketing trends, as well. For example, their pages aren’t just mobile-optimized. You can even publish landing pages in the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) open-source format so they load almost instantly.

Easy Conversion Tracking

Obtaining clear analytics about your pay-per-click campaigns is more critical than ever. Cost-per-click rates are all over the place. While the CPC for brand keywords tend to skyrocket occasionally, even the costs for non-branded keywords appear to be rising steadily.

You need to measure the effectiveness of each one of your landing pages, then adjust them as necessary to maintain a positive ROI. If you’re running PPC campaigns on Google AdWords or elsewhere, Unbounce is an excellent tool for easy conversion tracking.

You can set goals for each landing page to track your success:

unbounce conversion goals

(Source: Unbounce)

You can even specify which type of conversion goal you want to track.

Naturally, you should also set up your own external conversion tracking—Unbounce integrates with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (see this GTM Tracking guide), Facebook Pixel, and more.

Examples of Great Unbounce Landing Pages

Just to give you a taste of what Unbounce can do, here are a few samples of landing pages we’ve built with the tool.


unbounce form lightbox example

The landing page shown above is The Expert’s Guide To A Growth Marketing Audit. It’s informative, convincing, and mobile-ready. And converts more than 25% of all visitors!

ladder unbounce landing page performance


ladder growth science landing page

This landing page is built to acquire subscribers for Ladder’s GrowthScience weekly email update. Here the design is much simpler and features a slick lifestyle image. This design idea was actually borrowed from thehustle.co 🙂

*P.S. This landing page converts a whopping 35% of all visitors!

ladder unbounce landingpage conversion rate

Designing landing pages that convert is something most businesses struggle with (and if you’re in this boat, see 21 Conversion-Oriented Landing Page Tests for Your Business for some inspiration).

Building a landing page should be a simple process. Analyzing it, tracking conversions, and making changes can take minutes, rather than hours – when using Unbounce.

We’ve tried many other landing page builders (Instapage, Hubspot, Ontraport, etc.), and Unbounce has consistently come out on top.

Are you ready to start building landing pages that have a high CVR? Start your growth journey with Ladder and we’ll help you integrate Unbounce into your marketing technology stack.

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