How To Repurpose Content And Research For Better Marketing
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How To Repurpose Content And Research For Better Marketing

Jon BrodyJon Brody

July 15, 2021

In the previous article, we talked about the importance of interest-based audience testing in the new ATT environment and what that looks like compared to before the release of ATT. Now, we’re going to talk about how you can take the data you receive from running top of funnel tests on Facebook or other platforms and adapt them into a campaign through email or through a specific landing page. Repurposing your creative is imperative so that your marketing team doesn’t get burned out. So, how can you adapt previous ads and repurpose them? Here at Ladder, we’re experts in top-funnel creative testing that allows you to repurpose your content. Keep reading to find out why.

The Purpose Of Ad Communication

Every place where you communicate with a potential customer, whether it's through an email, a landing page, or through Facebook, you’re simply establishing a touch point within your brand's digital footprint. This is a place where you can deliver a message that you hope will appeal to your audience and create a positive action and response from them. You want users to take a specific action. That might be to sign up for something, to buy something, to download something, or to do any number of other things.  

Why You Should Repurpose Your Top Funnel Testing

A great strategy you can use is to adapt your top of funnel testing for landing pages and emails. A benefit of this is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and you can de-risk the way you optimize your customer’s and your user’s journeys, whether at mid funnel or bottom funnel, because you already have the engine of creative strategy in place. You already have an understanding of the market, and you’re producing content you can test. The research you do at the top of the funnel to understand your audience will be relevant, no matter how you’re contacting them. The users are still the same, and you still have the same research to work with. So whether it’s email, a Facebook ad, or landing page, this information is still relevant and useful.

The Importance Of This Research

You've probably already launched a lot of top-funnel tests, so you understand what types of concepts appeal to and connect with your users. As an example, if you have an app that sells digital photo books, your research might tell you that this particular app appeals to a specific user segment of young mothers and/or expecting mothers. You can then use this data to develop a way of expressing your digital photo books to these users that will attract them beyond function at the emotional level. You entice them to take positive action. 

If you have campaigns running for that segment on Facebook, and they’re working very well, you can then optimize the content on your landing page or in your email automation for that same user segment. You don’t have to start from zero because you already know these users, what their fears are, what their aspirations are, and you know how to communicate value to them beyond functionality. That gives you a foundation that de-risks the way in which you approach them. 

Top Funnel Testing Works Across All Channels

The best part is that this adaptation of top-funnel testing works universally. That's why a creative testing engine that works in this fashion is so valuable. It works across all channels. You not only have to adapt the end content you produce, but the strategy and insights that make it powerful and compelling work universally.

Not sure where to start? Ladder is here to help. We use data-driven creative to help your company grow. Contact us today and tune in for next week’s article where we talk about what to rely on when it comes to successful creative testing.

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