2 Ways To Find Your “Super Fans” Using Facebook Custom Audiences
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2 Ways To Find Your “Super Fans” Using Facebook Custom Audiences

Malaika NicholasMalaika Nicholas

July 19, 2021

Any marketer can use Facebook Ads to find the people who may benefit from their products and services.

But how do you identify people whoare more likely to engage with your brand?

Facebook Custom Audiences!

Facebook Custom Audience - Lookalike Audience

Using an existing customer list, data from your site, or Facebook Page, Custom Audiences can help you find people who are already familiar with your business.

Moreover, you can use Facebook Custom Audiences to develop “Lookalike Audience”, which is comprised of people who “look like” your current fans and customers.

But let’s not stop there. In mylatest guest blog post published by Databox, I’ll teach you how to find “super fans” using two advanced Facebook advertising strategies for creating high-converting custom audiences. Keep reading to learn more!

Read 2 Ways for Creating High-Converting Facebook Custom Audiences

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