The best SaaS B2B Marketing Tactics
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The best SaaS B2B Marketing Tactics

Jon BrodyJon Brody

July 15, 2021

B2B SaaS marketers are constantly looking for those tactics that can give them an edge and help them improve on their KPIs. As a growth marketing agency, we’ve run thousands of experiments for ourselves and for our clients – and we will continue to do so. Some of them worked, some didn’t, but we learned insights from them all.

We turned those insights into our Growth Tactic Playbook – over 786 tactics that B2B SaaS can “steal” and plug right away on their own campaigns. Segmented between Traffic and Conversion, here are 6 B2B tactics for SaaS marketers we think you might find useful:


Goal: to drive more traffic to your conversion pages, or to drive it more efficiently with lower CTRs, CPMs, etc.

Tactic 1: Press Ad Copy

You’ve worked hard to earn high-quality media and industry-specific outlets are starting to mention your brand – great! Let’s make sure you use that social proof throughout your ad copy to drive higher CTRs. 

A few examples of what that could look like: “new HR tech company featured on TechCrunch,” “as seen in the New York Times last week,” or “recently featured on Forbes.”

It’s a beginner’s difficulty tactic that we’ve seen increase traffic by 6% when used correctly. Simple but effective. Here’s what that would look like visually:

Tactic 2: Social Proof CTA

As the tactic above, we’ve found that social proof can really make-or-break a Call to Action. Whichever your next conversion step is that you want to drive traffic to, you want to provide as much legitimacy and validation to your visitors. 

There are two key parts to make your social proof as effective as possible: who it comes from and what is being said. Regarding who it comes from, it can be a well-known industry influencer for a top-down approach or a peer that resembles your visitors (for example, same job title, industry, company size, etc.). When it comes to what is being said, we recommend focusing on the benefits and keeping it simple so they know what to expect if they move forward. 

We’ve seen this tactic have a 6% increase in ROI - and here’s how it’d look like visually:

Tactic 3: Copy Best Adwords Ads for Meta Descriptions

Here’s an SEO one: you should be leveraging your to test the best versions and roll them out on the organic side. You gather a lot of data from the performance of your ads - how well they do with your audience, how many leads they generate, etc. That information is valuable, and you can leverage it to find what your title, meta titles, and descriptions should be. 

Your paid search and your organic SEO teams should be working in conjunction here for best results. The insights you get from paid will help your organic and vice versa. This is an intermediate difficulty tactic that can help boost your ROI up to 11%


Goal: to convert traffic into paying users, and to do so at the highest rate and LTV possible.

Tactic 4: Match CTA to Traffic Temperature

All traffic isn’t the same. We both know there are different “temperatures” that traffic can be coming your way, and it’s important that you adjust everything to that temperature. Warm traffic often comes from retargeting and has a higher conversion rate. Mild traffic are those that are somewhat brand-aware, and cold traffic is for those visitors that are interacting with your brand for the first time. 

One element that we recommend adapting to the temperature of your traffic is your CTAs. For example: a warm traffic CTA can be “Shop Now!” – more aggressive and direct, while a cold traffic CTA can be “Learn More” – more gentle and introductory. This tactic has helped boost ROI up to 8%.

Tactic 5: Last Day of Offer Email

Here’s a simple but effective one: create urgency with a last day email promotion. Creating a situation where you make potential buyers have to make a decision where “maybe tomorrow” isn’t an option can drive very impactful results. 

Good situations to do this are at the end of specific discounts, at the end of their free trial, or for other offers around your product (webinar registrations, consulting offers, etc.). One thing we highly recommend is that your urgency is real and not fake – “last day!” offers that aren’t actually real can dilute your brand’s trust. This tactic has helped increase ROI up to 11%.

Tactic 6: Video Testimonials and Social Proof

Another social proof tactic, but this time to drive conversions. Video testimonials at the point of purchase seems like an intuitive tactic – however, we see many B2B SaaS brands miss out on this.

There are high-impact points of action across your funnel: your purchase page being the main one. You’ve invested so many resources into getting your visitors here - now it’s time to convert them. One way to increase that conversion rate is to add a video testimonial to give them the final nudge of validation and trust they need to click “sign up” and become paying members.

A great video testimonial shouldn’t look staged or scripted – it should be a natural representation of the benefits of using your product by someone your visitor respects. This tactic can help drive a 7% ROI and you’ll need support from your designer and video editor. 

Other Great SaaS B2B Tactics You Should Use:

These are just 6 of the 786 tactics we’ve built into our playbook for B2B SaaS marketers. It has taken us years to test those tactics throughout countless experiments and to deploy them all into one source of truth – our Growth Tactics Playbook.

We have open sourced it and made it free for any marketer that wants to increase traffic, conversion or retention and needs new ideas to try. Feel free to browse through all of them, see which ones could apply to your company, and steal them away – that’s what they’re for!

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