Connect To Google Data Studio To Create Insightful Charts & Graphs

Connect To Google Data Studio To Create Insightful Charts & Graphs

Michael Taylor

November 18, 2021

Hello everyone, I am going to walk you through how to get data into google data studio.

We want to create a new data source so we go to create a new data source and type in and click select you can see that has over 400 marketing data sources. There are a lot of connectors to funnel, so we can do a more thorough demo on at some point, but for now, I will just make sure you understand what it does and use it on some of your clients.

To proceed, I am gonna go to my ladder io account and then I need to get the account ID, API key, and then currency, so I need to go to the API and get the token and the account ID, and then the currency is US dollars.

So you can add a field suffix so for example, the field name comes through as conversions AdWords conversions Facebook and I'm going to check that because it is easier to read and then exclude calculated metrics so let's keep the calculated metrics. Here's everything that's pulled through you can see there are lots and lots of metrics.

Just so we understand which metrics we want to look at let's go back into here. We can see what metrics we're using, so let's go into the actual dashboards and see what we have set up okay campaigns cost there so from 31st January to 31st March, we spent $100. Here, it appears as though possibly the data is not updated.

So let's click into here data sources and everything looks good except for LinkedIn. So we can ignore that and pull in our Google and our Facebook spend as well as such things as Mailchimp Quora, Twitter, etc.  Let's go ahead and add the report now we'll see the source now we have a cost for each campaign and we can add an additional dimension here, so we could say channel [Music].

Now we can see it’s broken down by channel. Let's rearrange them like this and then let's add a big control and then you can say this needs to default to i don't know this month.

Great, and we can also do a comparison date range. Let's say we had a previous period there so now we can see the delta percentage increase or decrease month or month. So these campaigns decreased by 50, the Facebook campaign increased by 17 we can also get rid of the campaign breakdown and then just see the channel performance here. 

It should give you a good idea about how works to create you know time series you can pull in lots of different metrics like conversion here we go we're tracking spend over time you know you can do cool things like the cumulative analysis. So let's just say that this is here so style cumulative there we go, so now I can see where my spenders are.

There are lots you can do with this data but this is a basic example of how you connect data into Google Data Studio. It only took six minutes, so you can mess around with it. You can also use the sample data if you want to, but you should be able to figure out what you need to do.

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