4 Recruiting Strategies to Find Top Marketing Talent for Small Agencies

4 Recruiting Strategies to Find Top Marketing Talent for Small Agencies

Jon BrodyJon Brody

July 15, 2021

Attracting top talent is hard. For small and boutique agencies, it’s even harder.

What constitutes high-quality growth-marketing talent? There are basically two types:

  1. Validated talent: These are individuals with years of professional experience who are difficult to lure to your company if you’re not a more established brand.
  2. Unproven talent: These are young, motivated individuals whose raw talent hasn’t been proven yet, and realistically, they still need to be nurtured — similar to your agency.

For smaller agencies, the latter is the ideal candidate to recruit. Small agencies, which grow through quality of work and word of mouth, struggle to attract the same talent as larger ones. Most small operations haven’t yet articulated company missions, values, and differentiators through internal marketing — all elements that established marketing candidates typically look for.

Rather than compete with established brands for validated talent, small agencies should seek out talent that reflects who they are as firms: unproven, but capable and eager to turn small opportunities into big wins.

If you’re struggling to land the best talent for your small agency, follow these steps to hire people who will excel in your business environment.

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