11 Ways To Answer Questions On Quora And Generate Leads

11 Ways To Answer Questions On Quora And Generate Leads

Malaika NicholasMalaika Nicholas

July 19, 2021

Are you supposed to answer every relevant question on Quora?

Of course not, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur or marketer. To help you select the best questions to answer, think about Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique: “Find link-worthy content and make something even better.”

Here’s how to apply the Skyscraper Technique to your Quora answers:

  • Look for missing information in available answers? Can you share an original, superior answer?
  • Are there any points mentioned in current answers that you can elaborate on? You can share tutorials, step-by-step instructions, or links to external resources readers can reference to learn more.
  • Is there any information out of date or incorrect? Share new reports, data, studies, surveys, statistics, instructions, features, and other information to give visitors the latest information.

Does answering questions on Quora really generate traffic? 

It does! I share how it successful it was for me later in this blog post, but there are tons of examples online of entrepreneurs or marketers using Quora to generate web traffic and generate leads.

For instance, Wishpond’s content marketer Tara Tarbaj was able to generate 23,000+ views on her Quora answers, and was able to send over 1100 people to a corresponding blog post linked to in one Quora answer!

In another extraordinary case, blogger Charles Chu used Quora to attract 1.5 million views and 30K newsletter subscribes in less than a month!

And CodingNinjas sees 20 qualified leads per week from organic Quora traffic!

Want to replicate these incredible results for yourself? Use these actionable tactics to help you earn upvotes, attract Quora followers, boost traffic to your website or blog, and generate high-quality leads.

1. Be One Of The First To Answer A Question

To increase your chances of having your answer earn a ton of views, try to be one of the first to answer a recently asked question.

Here’s how to find recently asked questions:

Search for your primary keyword or question in the Quora search bar, go to the search results page, and then use the filter menu on the left side to filter By Time. I recommend using the option to filter through questions published within the past day or with the past week.

How to Find Recently Asked Quora questions

2. Answer Questions About Your Brand And Competitors

When I worked for Dashlane as the Community Manager, I would frequently ask questions like, “Is Dashlane safe?” and “What makes Dashlane different from any another password manager?”

As a result, I earned more than 30,000 views and more than 50 upvotes primarily from answering Quora questions from potential Dashlane users, offering additional insight into our brand and our product, and even giving them the opportunity to contact me directly if they had any questions (how’s that for social selling!).

Stats on Quora

Moreover, since Dashlane dealt with password security and technology, I also answered related questions about two-factor authentication, computer hacking, identity theft protection, and a ton of other related topics.

I recommend following a topic on your brand (if available), and relevant topics in your market or industry. Then, answer questions about your brand, your products, and services, how you compare to competitors, etc. 

Pro Tip: People who post these questions are likely in the middle of your marketing/sales funnel and are turning to Quora for additional information that could help them convert into paying customers.

Make sure to provide as much helpful information as possible to help them answer their query and include links to resources where they can learn more, like your help center, tutorial videos, product documentation, or information on how to get in touch with you or a sales rep if they have additional questions.

3. Ask A Question Anonymously and Answer It

If you don’t see a question related to your topic or subject, or if you want to start a new answer thread, you can anonymously ask a question and then answer it yourself.

From the Quora homepage, click the red Add Question button at the top of the page.

How to Create a New Quora Questions

Then, in the popup, type in your question. Quora recommends starting your question with “What”, “How”, “Why”, etc. However, you can begin questions with prepositions, like “Is”, “Can”, “Should I”, etc.

Note that when you enter a question, Quora will generate questions related to your query that you can follow and submit answers to at a later time.

How to Add a Question in Quora

In addition, at the bottom of that popup box, Quora gives you the option of including a link that offers additional context. 

I only recommend using that space to link back to a source you reference in your question. For instance, if I ask, “Rumor has it Apple will launch the iPhone 11 this April. Is that true?” I would provide a link to the article where I found the rumor for additional context.

Finally, select the Add Anonymously checkbox before you click Add Question. Once your question is live, go ahead and be the first to answer it!

4. Add Links To Your Answers Wisely

A few Quora users are guilty of answering questions like this:

Bad Answer on Quora


What makes this answer so cringe-worthy is that it is overtly promotional, doesn’t provide any valuable information, and has a totally out of place CTA. 

Remember, the point of marketing on Quora is to provide value to other users. This requires being a bit more strategic about your link placement in answers. To help, here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Include multiple links in your answer, with a majority going to other reputable sources and a few linking back to your website or blog. This will help readers regard your website or blog as a reputable source and won’t come off as overly promotional.
  • Thoroughly answer a question, but ask visitors to visit your blog or website for supplemental information or resources that can expand on the topic or specific points. If I answer a question about Microsoft Excel, for instance, I can answer the question and also mention that I have a free Microsoft Excel online course that covers that topic in depth.
  • Don’t ask people to buy your book or purchase your software in a Quora answer. Instead, get them to take one action closer to your overall desired action (i.e. make a purchase). You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, visit a blog post for more detailed step-by-step instructions, or visit your YouTube video for more instructional videos.
  • Don’t include a link in your answer at all–and yes, this is a perfectly acceptable option. Remember, you can include multiple links in your profile bio. If you write unique, thought-provoking (and sometimes controversial) answers, readers will be more likely to click on your bio to learn more about you, your credentials, and your brand. Pro Tip: Drop hints about your brand and qualifications in your answer. You can say something along the lines of, “I’ve worked with Facebook Ads for the last 10 years. Here’s what I’ve learned about their algorithm.” This will build your credibility and entice readers to visit your profile to learn more about you.

5. Answer Questions about Time-Sensitive or Newsworthy Events

A little known Quora growth hack is to answer questions about time-sensitive or newsworthy events within your industry, like award shows, large conferences, national holidays, and trending topics. This will increase your chances of having your specific answer or having your answer appear in a thread shared by Quora’s official social media accounts.

Here’s an example of an answer thread Quora shared on Martin Luther King Jr. Day about the civil rights activist:

How did Martin Luther King Jr. become a hero? https://t.co/D6ysaGl9aS pic.twitter.com/zI39mAynyf

— Quora (@Quora) January 15, 2018

6. Include Images In Your Answers

Across every social media platform, images are proven to boost post engagement significantly and the same applies to Quora. Use Canva to find and customize stock images for your Quora answers. “Badass Marketers & Founders” co-founder Josh Fechter notes that top Quora writers attach a photo of a celebrity (when it’s relevant) and before-and-after photos to boost click-through rates.

Pro Tip: Quora will use the first picture in your post as the cover image, even if it’s in the middle or at the end of your post. Therefore, if decide to include an image, make the first one stand out.

Include Celeb Images in Quora Answers

7. Make Answers Easy to Read on Mobile

It’s easy to write paragraphs of text to answer questions, but don’t forget about mobile users. To improve readability on mobile, use limit paragraphs to only 1-2 sentences, use number lists and bullet points, and bold important points, quotes, or highlights you really want readers to notice.

Josh Fechter has mastered the art of writing for mobile on both Quora and LinkedIn. Take this answer as an example:

Write answers on Quora that are easy to read

8. Contribute to Quora Answer Wikis

An Answer Wiki is a type of Quora answer where Quora users can consolidate several different perspectives or resources into a single answer to a particular question–just like a Wikipedia page. Answer Wikis are commonly found on questions that ask for recommendations and suggestions, questions with several similar answers, and questions with several different answers.

Quora Answer Wikis

9. Share Answers on Facebook and Twitter

Also, share answers to your Quora questions on Twitter and Facebook. (But focus on the content of the question, not the fact that your brand answered a Quora question.) There’s a good chance some of your followers may have the same question/could benefit from your answers!

I’m taking questions on Quora over the next few days. Ask me about DuckDuckGo & Internet Privacy: https://t.co/9nTcDBgODl

First answer: Why should I use @DuckDuckGo instead of Google? https://t.co/ydWjHnAicC

— Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) January 24, 2018

10. Host a Quora Session

Quora Sessions are similar to Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” sessions, where anyone can ask experts, artists, or other influencers specific questions about virtually anything! (Just think twice about advertising on Reddit)

Quora Sessions are broken down into two parts. First, the host takes questions for a period of a few days. During this time, Quora users can ask questions or upvote questions they would like to be prioritized.

In the second part of the session, the host will answer the questions they find the most interesting.

But, there’s a catch.

Unfortunately, not everyone can host a Quora Session. You will need to have at least 100+ followers in order to host a session.

If you have more than 100 followers, here’s how to host your own session, according to Quora user Jack Munzel:

  • Visit https://www.quora.com/answer. Clicking the link will direct you to the proper page on both mobile and desktop versions of Quora.
  • Notice the Start Taking Questions banner. If you’re using the desktop website, this will be at the top right of the page. If you’re on a mobile app or the mobile site, the banner can be found just underneath the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Click/tap on Get Started. This will allow you to specify a topic for your session.
  • Write a topic pertaining to the questions you hope to receive during your session. It doesn’t have to be a traditional topic—you can input anything you please regardless of whether or not there’s an actual topic about it.
  • Click/tap on Start. This will begin the 24-hour time period during which people can ask you questions as part of your session. All of your followers will be notified that you are taking questions, and they will be prompted to ask you a question or request your answer to an existing question.
  • Wait for the A2A’s to arrive. As they come in, you can answer the questions that you are asked. You do not have to wait until the time window is up before answering questions from your session.
  • (optional) Create an index of the questions you answered and a postscript to insert at the end of each answer. The index can be formatted as a blog post with links to each of your answers from that session. The postscript is just a sentence at the end of your answer that informs the reader that this answer is part of a session.
How to start a Quora Session
Photo Credit: Krysta Storer/Quora

11. Republish Blog Articles on Quora via Quora Blog

Already publishing great content on your company blog? Republish it on Quora! Quora introduced Blogs in 2013, and was created to allow writers to share their knowledge and expertise, but may not have an established audience already.

Quora Blogs work similarly to content shared on Medium or on LinkedIn. Each blog post is categorized under relevant topics, (i.e. Marketing, Shopping, Writing, etc.). Therefore, when you share a blog post on Quora, anyone who follows or shows interest in a topic that you write about may see your writing.

For an extra boost of traffic to your blog, consider republishing content on Quora! Here’s how to set up your own Quora blog:

  • Click your picture in the top right section
  • Select Blogs from the drop-down menu
Adding a Quora Blog
  • Click the Create A New Blog button. 
Creating a New Blog on Quora
  • In the popup box, enter the name, URL, and description of your blog.
New Blog Setup on Quora
  • Finally, click Create Blog. Then, your blog will look something like this:
Example of a Quora Blog

When you’re ready to add your first post, simply click one of the Write Post prompts on the page.

And that wraps up my Quora growth hacks! Have questions on how to growth hack your Quora account? Let’s chat on Twitter: @ladderdigital.

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