Ladder Values: The Driving Force Behind How We Grow Businesses
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Ladder Values: The Driving Force Behind How We Grow Businesses

Michael TaylorMichael Taylor

July 15, 2021

This document is Ladder’s values statement — the driving force behind everything we do to grow our clients and expand our business. Read on if you want to know more about what motivates us every day to execute our industry-leading growth marketing process.

Our Purpose: Removing the guesswork from how to grow a business.

Our Taglines:

  • Growth without guesswork.
  • Don’t guess, grow.
  • Grow your business without the guesswork.

Words We Live By:

Be Transparent, Stay Agnostic, Simplify

Everything we do, from our process, to our blog, to our technology, is designed to maximize transparency. Most of the industry does the opposite: they make things sound difficult so they can disguise poor performance, or charge more. They focus on a channel or tactic because it’s the one they’re comfortable with, not because it’s best for the client.

We remain channel and tactic agnostic. We recommend and execute on whatever is most likely to have the most significant impact on growth, for the least cost. We take everything you could be doing to grow your business, and use data to prioritize what to do right now. We simplify.

We don’t assume we know what will work. We have strong opinions, but they’re loosely held; we’re eager to find data that proves us wrong. We disagree. We have tough conversations. Semantics and details matter to us. But we believe the only way to know for sure is to run a test. Marketing is an imperfect science, so we find creative ways to make our tests more rigorous.

We endeavor to be more scientific, but we work in a marketplace, not a laboratory. Our clients don’t always have the resources to adhere to strict scientific standards. Sometimes a test outcome can be significant to the business, without being statistically significant. We use our best judgment to strike the right balance.

Always Persistently Helpful

We don’t hide behind our contract terms or process. If it’s a fair ask, we do it. We persistently look for ways to help before we’re asked. We know that it’s easier to just do it ourselves than to spend time arguing over who is responsible. If we don’t know the answer, we find it and share that knowledge with others. We don’t work with assholes. We take time to have fun together.

Ship Tests Courageously

We don’t get paralyzed by the complexity of our job. We make decisions with imperfect information. We get shit done. We ship. We are courageous in the face of loss because we’re confident we made the right bet. We don’t penalize failure, only carelessness. As long as we work hard, stay disciplined and stick to our principles, we will find a way grow.

I hope that gave you a solid insight into why and how we do things at Ladder. These values have helped us grow countless businesses, from the venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 giants.

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