Justuno Review: The Popup Builder We Love For Personalized CRO
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Justuno Review: The Popup Builder We Love For Personalized CRO

Michael RandMichael Rand

July 19, 2021

If there’s a single universal truth among internet users, it’s that they all have a searing hatred of popups.

At least, that’s what was true about fifteen years ago.

According to a report released by Yahoo! and eBay in 2004, 95% of users said they had either a “negative” or a “very negative” reaction to ads that pop in their window while they’re browsing.

This isn’t surprising. There’s nothing more annoying than having to click through a window when all you want to do is read an article, watch a video, or make a purchase.

But according to a more recent study, popups have become more acceptable by the world at large, even if users still find them somewhat annoying. Just 57% of users in the study said websites should use fewer popups ads if they want to create a better user experience, while 50% said the same thing for ads that take up the entire screen.

It’s important to keep in mind that most users don’t even see popup ads these days. Internet browsers come with built-in ad-blocking software that blocks popups. Plus, users close 50% of all ads before they even finished loading.

This begs the question, why should businesses use popups on their websites at all?

The fact is, popups work – but only when they’re done right.

The days of third-party popup ads are over. They’ll just get blocked immediately by browsers, and most users find them questionable, to begin with. If you want your popups to convert, you need to create your own, use them on your customers’ favorite channels, and offer them something of value.

But more importantly, your popups need to be personalized and optimized in real time based on predictive analytics and customer data.

That’s why we love Justuno, the popup builder that leverages visitor intelligence to deliver targeted popups to the right people.

Here’s how it works.

What is Justuno?

Calling Justuno a popup builder is a bit of an understatement. Justuno offers an entire suite of digital tools to reach your visitors across channels, although much of their platform revolves around popups.

The features that differentiate Justuno from other popup builders are its built-in targeting and segmentation tools, its ability to reach customers across channels, and its analytics and data-generation capabilities.

When you sign up for Justuno, you get access to their platform, which you can integrate with your other marketing assets. This is key, as Justuno will need to pull data from other locations, including your website.

Once you’re signed up, you can start building campaigns! Part of the reason we love Justuno is its simplicity, but it offers much, much more.

Why We Love Justuno

To help you get started creating great popups, Justuno provides with plenty of pre-built promotions. These are easy enough to access once you access the platform:

(Source: Justuno)

If you want to design your own popups, you can do so using Justuno’s drag-and-drop style design canvas:

(Source: YouTube)

In addition to these features, Justuno provides you with other ways to create ads using e-commerce integrations, email client integrations, website integrations, mobile-specific promotion tools, and geo-targeting:

(Source: Justuno)

This is where the features of many popup builders stop. They provide you with the tools to create and integrate your popups, but they lack the features you need to convert and optimize them.

Create Personalized Messages That Convert

Justuno uses advanced behavioral targeting, audience segmentation, and omnichannel messaging to reach and convert your audience across a full spectrum of digital channels. In addition to geographic location, you can target your visitors and customers by their website behavior and their previous purchasing behavior.

This makes Justuno a perfect fit for e-commerce websites.

For example, let’s say shopper A visits your website for the first time and spends $100 on your products. Meanwhile, shopper B has visited your website several times and has left each time with an abandoned cart.

It doesn’t make sense to send the same message to both customers, but you can convert them both with a tailored and personalized popup the next time they visit, or you could reach them one another channel, like Facebook Messenger. Shopper A may respond to a new offer that’s in line with her previous purchase, while shopper B may respond to an abandoned cart popup and discount code that lets her pick up where she left off.

*Bonus Resources

Engage Your Visitors Across Devices

The world is hyperconnected. There are so many distractions, it’s more challenging than ever to get people’s attention.

Justuno solves this problem by helping you engage your customers on the platforms they use most – not just on your website.

At its core, Justuno aims to create a seamless and congruent experience for your customers across channels. The platform tracks visitors from desktop to mobile, so you can avoid sending the same messages over different devices. But impressively, Justuno also lets you send messages through Facebook Messenger and SMS. It even helps you send push notifications.

(Source: Justuno)

Generate Proprietary Visitor Intelligence

Like many marketing platforms, Justuno offers users a real-time dashboard that provides them with website performance analytics. You can also track average order value, conversions by channel, cart abandonment rates, and more.

(Source: Justuno)

Justuno even breaks down revenue attributed to their platform, so you can keep track of your ROI – no need to do lengthy calculations before delivering a report to your boss!

All the data you generate from Justuno’s platform is proprietary. You can use it to identify new optimization opportunities and detect where your visitors are dropping off in their buying journey. Taken together, all this information gives you a complete picture of your customer lifecycle, across channels, from start to finish.

Get Started with Justuno

Justuno’s popups aren’t about selling – they’re about starting a conversation, and your customers want to talk. 75% of consumers would say they’d even be willing to create a personal profile, so their favorite brands know them and communicate with them better.

If you want to convert with personalized popups, Justuno can help you reach across channels and start real conversations with your customers. Start your growth journey with Ladder today to learn how we can integrate Justuno into your marketing technology stack.

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