Meet Faveeo’s ‘Essentials’: A New Marketing Channel For IT Innovation
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Meet Faveeo’s ‘Essentials’: A New Marketing Channel For IT Innovation

Edwin PlottsEdwin Plotts

July 15, 2021

Companies in the IT innovation space need a B2B channel that will cut through the noise and get their content in front of a relevant audience. If you’re hungry for marketing channel whose core audience is heavily interested in IT innovation (AI, machine learning, automation, etc.) why not take a page from your own book and let AI do some of the work for you?

That’s where Faveeo and its “Essentials” product comes in.

Essentials is an AI bot that analyzes expertise networks and finds the most trusted social media accounts covering specific topics. It accelerates users’ discovery of people, topics, and content, so they always have something pertinent to share and link to.

faveeo essentials homepage

Most importantly, their AI newsletter has 100,000 subscribers, 40% of whom are executives and all of whom are interested in AI, cybersecurity, and innovation. This is the perfect network for your AI business to tap into.

faveeo essentials it innovation news

But how effective is Essentials in terms of ROI?

We tested Faveeo’s Essentials as a lead gen channel by getting in front of their subscriber base. Overall, the results were very promising:

Cost: $2,000

Clicks: 2,389 ($0.83 CPC)

Leads: 16 ($125 CPL)

We launched 3 campaign bursts:

Campaign 1: IT Innovation Content Focused

In our first campaign, we promoted a piece of content about machine learning from the Ladder blog: “Machine Learning for Marketers: We Built a Marketing Tactic Recommendation Engine.” The article explains how Ladder built a machine learning system using algorithms to recommend marketing tactics to strategists and companies – an ideal topic for decision-makers interested in AI applications in marketing.

Here’s what the embedded ad looked like:

ladder faveeo essentials newsletter ad

We also leveraged a CTA that linked to our Spotlight product, an auditing system that automatically analyzes and summarizes growth insights across channels

The campaign ultimately resulted in 799 clicks and 10 leads.

Campaign 2: Conversion Page Focused

Our second campaign was a follow-up to the first. Instead of a CTA, the campaign pushed the audience to a conversion page that featured our Spotlight product.

ladder spotlight homepage

(Source: Ladder Spotlight)

The follow-up campaign resulted in 570 clicks and 2 leads.

Campaign 3: Conversion Focus With Video Content

In our last campaign blast, we also leveraged the Spotlight landing page and CTA copy. We also incorporated video aspects to enhance our content.

Our last campaign blast resulted in 1020 clicks and 2 leads.

Maximizing the Results of Faveeo’s Essentials

We found that leveraging relevant content with a strategically placed CTA was much more effective than sending Essentials traffic straight to a landing page. This reinforces what the Essentials audience truly cares about: high-quality content.

If you choose to test this channel, use content with high conversion rates to encourage clicks and shares, then compel your readers to action with a simple CTA.

Overall, the campaign was a resounding success. We generated cost-effective B2B leads. And we’re sure to recommend Faveeo as a potential lead gen channel to our clients targeting the IT innovation space.

Curious if Faveeo’s Essentials is worth testing for your business audience? Here’s some of the core interests they cover:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Hacking & Opsec
  • Robots
  • Future Of Work (Automated Economy)

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