What to Know About Demandbase As A Growth Tool
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What to Know About Demandbase As A Growth Tool

Jon BrodyJon Brody

July 15, 2021

Demandbase is a software tool that offers comprehensive account-based marketing solutions to business to business companies. It allows for an increased level of targeting and personalization across the entire business funnel, generating more high-quality leads, and improving conversion rates.  

According to Hubspot, 61% of marketers list generating leads and traffic as their top challenge and 69% say that converting leads is their top priority. Demandbase understands these concerns and has created a solution to address them as well as many other pain points faced by marketing and sales teams. 

Here’s a closer look at Demandbase, what the software can do, the metrics and analytics it can provide, and how easy it is to implement the software into your current workflow. 

What is Demandbase?

Demandbase is full of purpose-built solutions that can support, and improve account-based advertising efforts by allowing for improved targeting and increased engagements across the entire sales funnel. 

While Demandbase may be similar to platforms like Terminus ABM Platform and Engagio, it sets itself apart by providing a complete, end to end, solution that can be used and accessed by every member of an organization from sales to marketing and account management. 

A True End to End Solution

Demandbase provides valuable and actionable information at every stage in the funnel. Demandbase helps:

  • Identify Prospects: The platform allows you to create a list of companies that are interested in what you sell by using data that goes well beyond traditional firmographics. Some of the data points they use include: culture, budget, interests, product usage, business fit, investments, and business relationships.
  • Attract Leads: Demandbase allows you to create personalized messages and advertising to drive interest and attract the right accounts.
  • Boost Engagement: Create truly personalized web experiences for every visitor to your site with personalized headlines, call to actions, site content as well as downloadable content. 
  • Convert Visitors: Personalization extends to outreach. The insights provided by Demandbase allow for more quality and connected conversations with prospective customers. 
  • Track Results: The analytics in Demandbase make it easy to track your account-based marketing efforts, measure ROI, and determine where your marketing strategy should be adjusted for a greater impact. 

Improve Targeting

Effecting targeting is essential for the success of any marketing team and this is one of the ways in which Demandbase can increase results and eliminate wasteful spending. 

Demandbase’s database monitors over 150 billion B2B intent signals each month to identify the most relevant target accounts. This means that you can more effectively steer your marketing campaigns and your budget. If you know the accounts that are most likely to purchase, you don’t have to waste time chasing down other leads!

Demandbase’s keyword discovery feature allows you to track the research being done by key buyers linked to your target accounts. This means you can improve your SEO and paid search results, creating content that speaks directly to the intent patterns of your target. 

Increase Engagement

Demandbase delivers deeper buyer insights which means you can optimize your ABM across the board. 

In realtime, the platform will identify anonymous visitors to your site and turn them into concrete targets without requiring any action or input from them. 

When someone from one of the target accounts visits your site, the content will be automatically personalized, creating a better user experience. 

With Demandbase, you can increase the completion of web forms by eliminating fields and making the overall form much shorter without missing vital information. 

By including all of the data Demandbase collects from your target accounts in your email automation software you can group contacts and improve nurture campaigns. 

Boost Conversions

More than just improving targeting and increasing engagement, Demandbase can provide the data you need to boost your conversion rate. 

The insights generated can be used by the sales team to better understand target accounts and more effectively speak to the unique needs of each buyer. And with Demandbase integrations, these insights and data points can be delivered to the sales team via email, Slack, or Salesforce, whatever makes the most sense to them. 

The B2B database allows you, in real-time, to see when your accounts are actively conducting research related to your products and services. 

You can also collect data on what target accounts are doing when on your website enabling you to provide better, more effective content. 

All of these behavior patterns are important in helping the sales team better understand the target but Demandbase doesn’t stop there. They also provide topical updates on your target accounts allowing you to see when they are in the news and what they are saying online. You can also receive talking points for each account that includes quotes from press releases and blog posts as well as any public appearances or speaking engagements. 

The level of personalized communication that this enables will increase the likelihood of converting targeted leads into customers. 

Who Should Use Demandbase?

The best thing about Demandbase is that it can help B2B companies of all sizes. 

It comes with a pretty large price tag so it may be something that small businesses or startups have a more difficult time fitting into the budget but its effectiveness means that it isn’t likely to be long before the platform pays for itself. 

Small and mid-size businesses may have a difficult time generating leads on their own when competing against the large marketing budget of many enterprise companies. This platform can level the playing field. 

For enterprise businesses, it can be difficult to coordinate teams and keep everyone on the same page. Demandbase centralizes sales and marketing data into a single dashboard, enabling better communication, coordination, understanding, and strategizing between all teams, at all points in the sales funnel. 

How Demandbase Personalizes Advertising to Companies

Demandbase is able to simplify the task of personalization and produce a greater ROI. 

As mentioned above, Demandbase monitors B2B intents and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the targeted accounts that are most interested in what you have to offer. 

Once these accounts have been identified, they can be further targeted through personalization. This means creating ads that speak directly to these companies. Once they are drawn in through the ads, they can be segmented by account and persona, with website personalization deepening engagement. Demandbase enables real-time alerts so the sales team can jump on these latest leads. 

Demandbase integrates with many commonly used software tools to provide a more complete solution. 



By integrating with software vendors and tech tools like SAP, Salesforce, Uberflip, PathFactory, Marketo, Drift, WordPress, and many more, Demandbase allows users to leverage the data from each of these platforms and create unified messaging across all channels that willboth support and scale an account-based marketing strategy. 

Metrics that Demandbase Uses

Demandbase uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver important metrics to their users. 

They have amassed a proprietary database that includes 1st and 3rd party data that will allow for marketing automation and more effective, efficient results. 

The Demandbase database includes:



Analytics provide an important way to monitor marketing performance. From the audience tab on the Demandbase dashboard, you perform a wide range of tasks from adding and hiding accounts from a particular audience set to monitoring specific audience statistics. 

The Audience-level tabs can supply some pretty powerful information. Under the audience-level umbrella, the AMB Analytics tab provides a complete marketing performance overview that includes data from both the sales and marketing funnel. You can compare audiences to measure their progression through the funnel, monitor website activity (including total sessions and page views), and view account locations. The firmographics tab enables a complete look at accounts across various verticals. This section can go a long way to creating better account engagement by providing a better understanding of a specific audience and its make up. 



The information gleaned from Demandbase can be applied to a marketing strategy. The intent tab, for example, highlights the keywords on your pages that are appearing in searches. It is then easy to apply these words to page copy or a blog post to further increase traffic and engage the right audience. 

In other words, Demandbase provides the analytics you need to attract, engage, and convert the most appropriate accounts for your business. 

Resources for Implementing the Demandbase Platform

A marketing platform is not useful if it is overly complicated to implement. Fortunately, implementing the Demandbase Platform into your current marketing efforts is relatively easy. 

There are a number of implementation guides and tutorials on using the platform that are readily available and accessible from Demandbase’s “Success Center.” 

While this is a very useful and effective platform, it does present a few small challenges. For starters, it gathers a lot of data. The dashboard is intuitive but users may still need a bit of time to learn to navigate efficiently. Once this onboarding is complete, teams can easily focus on specific metrics to better implement growth marketing strategies to dramatically improve results. 

It is also easy to rely too heavily on tools like this. The platform can aggregate data and expand knowledge and provide understanding into what a target audience is seeking, but it will not do the sales work for you. It is important that both sales and marketing teams do not become complacent. This software may walk accounts to your doorstep, but you still have to open the door and get them to come inside. 

Demandbase is a powerful tool and personalization platform that can be used by just about any B2B company. Employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their own proprietary database, Demandbase can not only reveal the identity of visitors to your page, but it can also provide deep insights into the behavior of target accounts, enabling marketing and sales teams to more effectively personalize interactions and nurture leads. This data can drive strategy and improve efficiency by pinpointing weak points in the funnel and identifying truly qualified leads. 

Instead of making blind guesses and assumptions about leads, companies can tailor and personalize pitches to produce more positive results and a greater number of conversions. 

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