3 Ways to Optimize Your Budget With Test-Driven Marketing
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3 Ways to Optimize Your Budget With Test-Driven Marketing

Jon BrodyJon Brody

July 15, 2021

A phenomenon is occurring across the marketing landscape, best described in a four-letter word: FOMO. This “fear of missing out” has sent many a marketer to the ends of the earth, chasing one channel after the next in search of those coveted customers.

The truth is, jumping on every social network, every new platform, and every new site is nothing more than wagering on a hunch. Unless, of course, you take the time to understand whether that network, platform or site will work for your business or brand.

Don’t get me wrong. Most companies explore their options when trying to get their message out. You’ll find an average of eight marketing channels used for any given campaign, according to a 2016 study. The most successful ones, though, leverage those channels that are proven to work while testing uncharted paths.

Read more of my article here. (Via Adotas)

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