Clutch Lists Ladder Among Top Digital Strategy Agencies In New York

Clutch Lists Ladder Among Top Digital Strategy Agencies In New York

Edwin PlottsEdwin Plotts

July 15, 2021

First, Why Should Ladder Be On Your Radar?

Ladder is a global growth marketing agency (and might be the largest growth agency too). What that ultimately means is that Ladder is uniquely suited to help companies across most timezones, and we can ensure that each of our partners has a dedicated team of technical marketers, strategists, and analysts. We even have a growing data science team (and that’s where it gets really interesting for any company spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital strategy).

Interested in some fancy numbers? We’ve launched (and recorded) over 7,000 marketing experiments across 200+ companies and $40M in marketing spend. And our digital strategy success rates are 300% above average.

*mind blown*

Ladder believes in ROI-driven strategy, because modern companies need something more than just “data-driven”.

Going above and beyond other digital strategy agencies, Ladder looks to productize our collective expertise. For example, we built a digital strategy database a used it to fuel an internal marketing tactic recommendation engine with machine learning. We also build a system to automate creative analysis and audit most platforms at scale. 

As full-service digital strategy agency we scale PPC accounts, fix conversion rates, and crack new and unique chanels. And Ladder’s talented in-house design and copywriting teams handle landing pages, emails, and ad creative. Clutch has recognized our success in that regard and lists Ladder among the top digital strategy agencies in New York.

Second, What Is Clutch And Why Should You Care?

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that allows companies to research and select a firm for their upcoming projects. You can search their site listings and find a company that is shown to be reliable and a good fit for the job, based on the information in their reviews and company profile. Clutch ranks all service providers based on their industry and location – and ensures that users are seeing the most relevant and qualified options.

Two scores are assigned to all companies listed on the site by Clutch analysts:

  1. Focus – A reflection of a company’s expertise with a given service.
  2. Ability to Deliver – A reflection of client reviews, work experience, and market presence.

Client reviews are collected and verified by the analyst team, who will interview past clients on the phone or online about previous projects. This process allows Clutch to post details about the overall job and the client’s relationship with the service provider throughout the entire project.

P.S. Ladder has a 4.8/5 star rating 🙂


clients say we deliver on clutch

Here’s Why Ladder Is One Of New York’s Top Digital Strategy Agencies

Ladder has helped hundreds of companies with their digital strategy – from high-potential startups to the Fortune 500. 

Name Drop: Monzo Bank, Travelex, NewsWhip, Nuxeo, NextUp Comedy, Tespo, Exago,, Nestle, Facebook, The Los Angeles Times, 8tracks, GoTenna, Charitybuzz, Fitjoy, and plenty more.

*mind blown – again*

Exibit A

Recently, we were hired by a vitamin and supplement startup to develop and execute a marketing strategy for over 10 different products that each appealed to different buyer personas. The goal of the project was to increase new customer acquisition while simultaneously decreasing acquisition costs.

  • First, we audited the client’s paid channels.
  • Next, we developed advertising deliverables and landing pages before deploying and then evaluated their performance.
  • We used that information to adjust and optimize.
  • This process included messaging/value proposition tests for upcoming product launches and figure out the optimal creative tone, graphics, language, and audience for each of the products.

This is what the client said about working with us:

They are the most skilled digital team I’ve worked with.
– Digital Marketing Manager, Vitamin & Supplement Startup

Exibit B

Another detials how we built the growth strategy for a new SaaS product that was very different than the client’s existing offerings. The client’s goal for the project was to acquire trial users. After opportunities for messaging and advertising were identified, we created ads and launched them on multiple social media channels aimed at multiple targets and segments. The ads drove qualified traffic to a new landing pages that we created. We also tested follow-up engagements, copy, and functionality.

Thousands signed up for the product even before it was even launched. After the successful campaign, our client was happy to speak with Clutch to relay some specifics:

The cost per lead was one-tenth of our initial projections. We spent less money and generated way more leads than anticipated. Since then, we’ve adjusted metrics to improve the quality of leads without increasing the cost too much. We’re now seeing great progress with that effort.
– VP of Product Marketing, Enterprise Software Company

Exibit C, D, E, F, G, H

“They have a truly scientific approach to advertising which allows us to make decisions confidently.”
– Digital Coordinator, Financial Services Company

“It was Ladder’s iterative way of thinking – of building experiments and testing things – that really helped the dynamics of doing marketing for a big company like ours.”
– Global Marketing Director, Enterprise Marketplace

“The anti-agency. They move fast, work smart and are a pleasure to graft with in the trenches. Ultimately, it’s all about growth. They deliver.”
– Director of Marketing, SaaS Startup

Everyone on the team is fantastic and I’d like to find more ways to work with them across our business.”
– VP of Product Marketing, SaaS Startup

“Growth made simple. From strategy and analytics to creative and reporting, Ladder brought innovative marketing solutions.”
– CEO, Mobile App

“Ladder delivered. They translated our product benefits into cost-efficient user acquisition that drove ROI.
– Founder, Mobile App

growth experiment success

Ladder’s Getting Noticed As A Top Digital Strategy Agency

Ladder’s reputation has been getting noticed elsewhere (like being was awarded by both Clutch and DesignRush as a top agency).

Now, you can find Ladder on Clutch’s two sister sites:

  • The Manifest publishes business news, insights, and best practices so that companies can learn how to be more successful in their industries. It lists Ladder among the top digital marketing agencies in New York.
  • Visual Objects hosts our portfolio items so that potential clients can see our best work and compare it with others.

And Ladder’s expert team…

  • Has been featured in Forbes, Entreprenuer, Hubspot, Mashable, Marketo, Inc, Databox, Mayple, and more
  • Recently spoke at Amsterdam’s largest growth hacking meetup, Growth Hacker Talk.
  • Will be speaking at the Global Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco
  • Has guest-taught at Columbia University and Startup Institute
  • Currently mentors at New York accelerators like Venture Out
  • Hosts the largest growth marketing meetup in Poland

Ladder powers strategy and performance solutions for fast-growing brands

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