Ladder’s Successful Growth Marketing Strategy Plan
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Ladder’s Successful Growth Marketing Strategy Plan

We get it - marketing companies are a dime a dozen. So, what sets Ladder apart from the rest of them? It’s simple. We’re a growth marketing company that’s passionate about our clients’ success. We have a successful growth strategy that ensures our clients grow. We’re so passionate about it, that we’re writing this blog to share it with you. Whether you want to learn more about us, or tackle growth marketing yourself, keep reading for tips and information about how we succeed.

What is growth marketing?

Before we start talking about our growth marketing strategy, you might be asking yourself, what even is growth marketing? Growth marketing is a full-funnel approach to marketing that includes rigorous testing and focuses on long-term growth. Our strategy is written up in full in this article but here’s a summary of how Ladder is different than your typical traditional marketers:

Step 1: Onboarding

Ladder’s account managers onboard our client by finding the best interests of the company and merging them with their digital experience. Our expertise of our platform performance teams develop an entire digital cross channel strategy to scale the client’s business.

Step 2: The Testing Plan

In the digital cross channel strategy, our creative planners then come up with the testing plan. This is where they will decide which Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) should be tested. This will include choosing the creative and messaging behind each ad.

Step 3: New Tests

Ladder operates on quarterly plans and standardly provides a new plan, including a new test, every month.

Step 4: Optimizing

We refuse to let our campaigns go on autopilot. We want to be involved in every step of the way, which is why we never stop working. We work cross functionally and assess areas to make optimizations so that we can use what we learn and apply them toward future testing efforts.

Step 5: Data-Based Iterations

Our testing is structured from various creative iterations that are created based on the most successful concepts we previously ran or if we are starting from scratch, the concepts developed from industry and brand research/priorities.

How does Ladder’s growth marketing approach benefit clients?

At Ladder, our growth marketing approach benefits our clients by providing three key things: reassurance, consistency, and support. Let's take a closer look at each detail and how you can practice these to benefit your clients.


Ladder’s process assures clients that we will not become complacent with their results. Clients who come to us from other agencies often say one of the biggest reasons they left the other agency is because their company didn’t feel like a priority. They only made optimizations when necessary, which is reactive. Our structure encourages a more proactive approach. It allows us to see right away what isn't performing, and we can proactively tweak it before it becomes an issue. 

We communicate with the client as soon as possible to make sure they are aware of any and all changes, so they know what we see when we see it, what we are doing about it, and know what optimizations we are putting in place to fix it. That might be iterating off of a creative that has a high engagement or turning off a test that isn’t effective. This ensures that we are always challenging the status quo and helps us work faster toward achieving the client’s overall goal.   

Growth marketing also provides reassurance of realistic and progressive goals. As a digital account manager, providing goals based on industry and historical results is at the core of reassuring the client that we are moving forward in a scalable manner.


What Ladder’s approach means for our clients is consistency. It might seem obvious, but consistency is very important to have a strong relationship between the agency and the client. A lack of consistency can create difficulty in documenting the history of adjustments on campaigns, which makes it hard to review changes within campaigns with the client or identify how those changes impacted the campaigns. 

Ladder consistently reviews each monthly and quarterly strategy through weekly calls where we talk about campaign updates, optimizations, or details we need from the client to make certain changes. It’s also a time for them to ask questions or voice any concerns they have and for us to communicate plans to meet their goals moving forward. We keep accurate, chronological documentation of our notes, as well as campaign plans, in a personal client portal. This helps strengthen our relationship with the client and allows them to see what the next steps are. They don’t have to guess what we are doing. It also alleviates any confusion or expectations that don't align with how the campaign is moving forward.  


Growth marketing has a lot of moving parts, and it can be difficult to follow at times. It's important to be there for your clients, answer their questions, and ensure that they have an understanding of what is going on with their campaigns. We always communicate everything to our clients and are completely transparent with what we are doing. Our client portals give our clients access to everything we’ve talked about, allowing them to review what we said on our calls or what optimizations we are planning to implement next week. It gives them a reference point for past activities pertaining to the campaign as well. Because we document everything we talk about and do, it’s all there for everyone to see. So both Ladder and the client know what and when is expected of each.

Our support at Ladder includes the other two details that benefit our clients: reassurance and consistency. Our support gives our clients the reassurance that we are monitoring campaign progress and that we are consistent in documenting everything we do. These three details are what build strong client relationships. 

Using our growth marketing strategy

Growth Marketing is the act of constant campaign experimentation and optimizations with the intention of scalable growth. To deliver growth marketing cross channel strategies, Ladder balances being both structured in our planning and adaptable in our responses. This leads to a client relationship built on a foundation of reassurance of our diligence to act with the client’s goal in mind, consistency in our process to allow the client to feel both involved and guided through our planning, and support through our many touch points for clear and actionable communication. By using this strategy and practicing these tips, you can help businesses grow sustainably long-term. Talk to one of Ladder’s growth strategists today for help.

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