Google Search Network With Display Select


Google says their Search Network with Display Select ads are the best opportunity to reach the most customers.

These ads combine traditional pay per click search engine advertising on Google search results and search partner sites with advertising on Google’s Display Network, which includes over 2 million websites, videos, and apps. According to Comcast, the Display Network increases your exposure to over 90% of Internet users worldwide.

In essence, you’re running two tactics at once — search and display — across a very large audience. You’ll be relying on Google to determine when and how best to deliver your ads.

For both ad tactics, you’ll set your budget, designate relevant keywords, and create your ads.

Search Network Only ad formats include text ads, shopping ads, dynamic search ads, and app and digital content ads. Adding Google’s Display Network to the mix allows for responsive image ads in place of shopping ad formats.

The image ads open a lot of creative avenues and placements that aren't available with Search Network Only.

You can run native responsive display ads that blend into the look and feel of the sites they appear on. Placements include Gmail ads that appear as emails in people’s inboxes and engagement ads on YouTube and other video sites. In addition, you can target specific ad zones on and within sites you choose.

Ads that run on Google search results and search partner sites support manual and automatic bidding. Automated bidding is your only option for the ads that run on Google’s Display network. In both cases, you can see which sites your ads run on, what ads earn the most clicks, and where you're getting the lowest cost and highest value.

You can easily turn Search Network Only campaigns into campaigns that include Google’s Display Network. If you do that, be aware that you’ll likely see an equal increase in cost and conversions of around 15%.

Avg ROI: +55%