Event Interest Targeting

Twitter ads can use event targeting, enabling them to maximize their exposure around trending discussions.

"Using Twitter’s event targeting algorithms - which incorporate a variety of engagement signals – the option gives advertisers the ability to serve event-related ad content to people engaging with event-related content, in any way, via the platform. This means brands can reach not only those sending event-related tweets, but also the people who are viewing and engaging with event-related content in other forms – i.e. those who are viewing and reading event tweets, but not actually participating in the discussion themselves.

"It’s an interesting option, and it works in line with Twitter’s strengths in real-time coverage. And even if you don’t use it, Twitter’s event-targeting calendar provides a heap of event-related stats and data that can give you a better understanding of how the platform's being used to discuss specific celebrations and moments."

Avg ROI: +56%