Brand Performance ('AIM')


Ad creative battle-testing on the Facebook platform (Instagram, Mobile Newsfeed, Audience Network) to find out which combination of image / body copy / call to action is most effective at driving conversion BEFORE spending lots launching many channels at once.

This ensures every piece of paid marketing afterwards is as efficient as it can possibly be, and works as follows:

- Develop x divergent thematic routes for banner (e.g. will people respond better to food imagery vs. block color imagery).

- Develop x divergent thematic routes for articulating the core proposition in the ad headline (e.g. will people respond better to “the perfect recipe” vs. “000s of recipes”?).

- Develop x thematic routes for other test variables (e.g. link description and body copy).

- Identify core target audiences targetable via the Facebook platform.

- Build multivariate test on Facebook advertising platform - each banner variant with each proposition variant on each channel.

- Bid each Ad Group on optimized CPM or optimized CPC - because by doing this Facebook battle-tests Ads within an Ad Group against each other to ID which is most effective for the audience in question. The platform uses all of the data points it has available in order to optimise towards the Ad which gets the most traction with the target audience - which it gives the most reach.

- 30 observations per variant are required for reasonable confidence of significance (e.g. 30 clicks if the goal is a click on oCPC, 30 conversions if the conversion metric is a conversion on oCPM).

The added benefit is that this creates ad sets with conversion data utilisable in later advertising.

Avg ROI: +36%