Blockspring Twitter Custom Audience


If you're looking for a specific Twitter audience based on keywords they include in their bios, you can use Blockspring to easily automate the process.

Blockspring is a tool that can automatically gather information from web apps like Meetup, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. You can instantly search for the data you want to find and funnel it into a spreadsheet file or even Google Sheets.

Those are programmer-like powers, yet you don’t have to write a single line of code or even read about how Twitter’s API works.

You’ll build a list of usernames that have certain keywords in their bio by scraping Twitter’s publically available data. For instance, many people on Twitter self-identify as “E-commerce Manage,” “Director of E-commerce,” and “VP of E-Eommerce.”

Now, you can create a Tailored Audience list using many different kinds of information:

  • Email addresses
  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Mobile Advertising IDs
  • Twitter @handles or Twitter user IDs

But Twitter has difficulty matching people to the list with emails and phone numbers — usually just a 20%-30% success rate. When you have the actual usernames you want to target, the match rate is 80% or more.

Here are three ways you can leverage your list of targeted usernames:

  1. Create a campaign targeting the tailored audience. Run paid ads to the new tailored audience, like a Twitter No Image Ad or a Twitter Lead Ad.
  2. Reach out directly by tweeting @ the usernames from your account. This could be a more personal method that kicks off the right conversations. Do this just 2-3 times a day so your account doesn’t seem spammy.
  3. Make the list public and give it a name that has value to both the people who are on it and the people who would read it — like “Marketing Aficionados.”

Avg ROI: +23%