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    No-Index Dynamic URLs
    If you have any dynamic URLs (for example using parameters) make sure you no-index them. By including a "no-index" meta tag on your webpage you are signaling to search engines that you do not the page included in a SERP.
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    Buy A Domain And Redirect
    If you can find domains that are relevant and already have link authority, you can buy them and 301 redirect them to your site to pass on the link equity.
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    Short URLs
    Using short URLs is a better user experience and there are indications that Google ranks shorter URLs higher than longer ones (all things being equal).
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    Subfolders Vs Subdomains
    Though Google says there is no preference, subfolders seem to a smarter solution for SEO purposes. Avoid potentially losing site traffic and domain authority by sticking with subfolders over subdomains. The reason... Google is not perfect and it may not recognize that a subdomain is connected to your main domain.
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