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  • traffic
    Use Images
    Adding at least one image massively increases your chance of ranking. Google's algorithms prefer content that has a good mix of imagery and text, especially when the imagery is given proper alt text.
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  • traffic
    Promoted Webinar Pin
    Promote a pin on Pinterest to get attendees for your webinar. This should help you get some more attention to your webinar and get more signups. Make sure your webinar is relevant to a Pinterest audience, however, as it is more niche than other social networks.
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  • traffic
    Focus On Quality Users
    Some easy, big-win acquisition channels may seem too good to be true for a reason. They may end up giving you a ton of low quality users that are impossible to retain. This skews your numbers and can make growth difficult to measure. Focus in on quality user growth, narrowing your acquisition efforts to channels that provide you with the most engaged users. Once you reach critical mass you can begin focusing on broad audience expansion.
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  • traffic
    Brand Performance ('AIM')
    Ad creative battle-testing on the Facebook platform (Instagram, Mobile Newsfeed, Audience Network) to find out which combination of image / body copy / call to action is most effective at driving conversion BEFORE spending lots launching many channels at once. This ensures every piece of paid marketing afterwards is as efficient as it can possibly be, and works as follows: - Develop x divergent thematic routes for banner (e.g. will people respond better to food imagery vs. block color imagery). - Develop x divergent thematic routes for articulating the core proposition in the ad headline (e.g. will people respond better to “the perfect recipe” vs. “000s of recipes”?). - Develop x thematic routes for other test variables (e.g. link description and body copy). - Identify core target audiences targetable via the Facebook platform. - Build multivariate test on Facebook advertising platform - each banner variant with each proposition variant on each channel. - Bid each Ad Group on optimized CPM or optimized CPC - because by doing this Facebook battle-tests Ads within an Ad Group against each other to ID which is most effective for the audience in question. The platform uses all of the data points it has available in order to optimise towards the Ad which gets the most traction with the target audience - which it gives the most reach. - 30 observations per variant are required for reasonable confidence of significance (e.g. 30 clicks if the goal is a click on oCPC, 30 conversions if the conversion metric is a conversion on oCPM). The added benefit is that this creates ad sets with conversion data utilisable in later advertising.
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  • traffic
    Portrait Ad (300x1050)
    Popular portrait ad pixel size 300 x 1050 px and can be 150 KB in file size with JPEG, JPG or GIF file types with GDN ad format.
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  • traffic
    Image Overlay Ad
    Showing an image overlaid with brand name and a translucent layer can increase social media ad campaign performance. Try ad creative where your brand logo and a translucent layer are overlaid on top of an image of your choice, whether a photo of a smiling individual or an image of your product. A semi-transparent dark layer will provide a strong contrast between the image and your logo and ad copy, making it stand out for your audience on social networks.
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  • traffic
    Five-Star App Ratings
    Get your most loving users, your friends, your family members, and anyone else you can think of to give your app a five-star rating on the App Store. The higher-rated your app, the lower your cost of acquisition, and getting at least five five-star reviews get your app to show up in searches. Do this every time you launch a new version of your app to keep it high in App Store search rankings.
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  • traffic
    Industry Audience Targeting
    Targeting people who work for companies in the right industry can be a great way to segment your traffic. Be sure to test multiple audiences as performance can be very different depending on how they're bucketed by the advertising platform. This tactic works particularly well in B2B advertising.
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  • traffic
    Carousel Story Ads
    You can use Facebook’s carousel ads to tell a brief story about your product’s benefits. Each ad can be an image rather than a product, with text in the image telling bits of the story you want to tell. i.e. - Card 1: “We built the ultimate secure group messaging app.” Card 2: “You + your friends, all in one place.” Card 3: “Best in class end-to-end encryption.” Each card can contain a “Sign Up” CTA to drive clicks.
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  • conversion
    "From" Name Manipulation
    Shake things up by manipulating your sender "From" name to be something besides your brand or a human name. To make your emails stand out from the crowd and increase open rate % try unique language that heightens the impact of your subject lines.
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