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CPC is up 33% for E-Commerce Companies 📈

CTR Increased 30% in North America 📉

CPM is up 10% across All Companies 📈

CPA increased 24% for accounts spending $25k - $99k 📈

Marketing Movements - October 2021

Q4 is here and CPMs are gradually increasing across the board! It’s the busiest time of the year for most Ecommerce sellers, hence the expected rise in CPCs as companies aggressively increase budgets and push more ads onto target audiences. CPAs are also spiking across the board as auctions start to get increasingly more competitive leading up to the Black Friday & Cyber Monday period. We should see costs start to stabilise after peaking during BFCM weekend however December CPMs will certainly be higher than the year round norm as Christmas quickly approaches.

Conversion rates across all industries have increased, indicating that the rise upward trend in ad costs was equally met with better conversions rates and likely higher AOVs (Average Order Values) as Ecom brands start to push bundles & various upsell offers more aggressively and urgency pushes more customers to compete purchases sooner rather than potentially risking an item being sold out later.

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