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CPA is up by 6% across All E-Commerce Companies 📈

CTR for accounts spending $25k+/Month dropped 13% 📉

CPM is up 12% across North America 📈

CPC across Europe Is Also Up 18% 📈

Marketing Movements - March 2022

Following the trend of February 2022, Facebook costs across the board have started to stabilise to similar levels prior to the Q4 Holiday season of 2021.

In March all advertisers started to see a slight rise in costs compared to February which is likely due to more advertisers entering the auction after a quiet first 1/2 months of the year. Most noticeably, advertisers in Europe saw a 18% hike in their usual CPC costs which compliments our stat that the majority of the bigger spenders on Facebook with $25k+/Month in spend also saw their CTR decrease by 13%. Whether this is due to creative fatigue and ignorance on the advertisers side to finally move away from outdated Winter themed creative or simply just a algorithm changed on Facebook's side which results in ads been shown to less relevant users, remain to be seen. Interestingly enough, even those we have seen CPMs rise for companies in North America by 12%, European advertisers have not been heavily effected by any CPM changes meaning that the hike in CPCs in Europe are strictly related to the decrease in CTRs. This highlights the need for all brands to double down and focus on creating data drive performance creative in order to maintain & then further improve current performance marketing benchmarks.

Most E-Commerce brand remain almost completely unaffected by this months fluctuations with CPA rising only 6%. It's a huge relief for most of them to see a stable CPA metric given the huge fluctuations we've been seeing for the past several months across E-Commerce brands in all regions of the word.

As we enter the second quarter of the year, we expect more companies to have their budgets reset and plan to push more aggressively on paid media campaigns, which will likely translate to rising costs in CPA across all markets leading up to the summer. Investing heavily into producing high quality converting creative based of past data is absolutely critical to run campaigns profitably in the next few months on Facebook and as we can see in the rise of TikTok advertising, a shift to UGC content for Ecommerce brands in particular will be pivotal for growth.

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